Nutrition Day at School

Last Friday, it was Nutrition Day at Kyla’s school. The prep class had a dance number but as usual, my little girl didn’t join the dance. Although she did join the part where she had to recite a poem with 2 other classmates. She knows the poem by heart but her voice is so soft. Probably she is not very confident yet. I wonder what else can I do to help her gain confidence and encourage her to join school activities especially performing arts?

I am glad at least she was able to stand in front and recite the poem.


  1. She is precious.

  2. oh it is cute!

  3. Rebecca :) says

    Thank you for coming by my blog! You have a very cute blog!

  4. and at least she have the courage to put that cabbage hat haha

    naku MOmmy ganyan talaga ang mga kids.. mahiyain.. but wat you can do is to show her na hindi ka mahiyain para she will imitate you 🙂

    hahabol ako sa you are my inspiration meme.. just have to go back tot hose who made an effrot updating their links.. and that includes you.. tahnks a lot MOmmy!! muah!

    There is a she bloggers meet up on August 13, I hope you can come. And if you can't please help us spread the word 🙂

    Don't worry I am thinking of organizing a brunch or lunch date somewhere at the south (maybe Tagaytay) what do you think?

    Make or Break

  5. Baliktad pala sa mga kids ko–sobrang makapal ang mukha lol!Take her time,she will try show off what she got eventually.^_^

  6. chubskulit says

    Oh wow, ang cute ng cabbage ba yan hehehe..

    Just praise her a lot Mommy Chris, it does helps!

  7. Jarlin Paul says

    It is good to create such awareness during school days.

  8. Ganun din ang anak ko. Nutrition Day nya last Friday, may dance number ang Kinder1 at nasa gitna pa naman sya, sya lang di sumasayaw. Masyado syang mahiyain.

    Absent ako sa mommy moments last friday. Busy at walang makitang pic hehe.

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