Talking To Toddlers

I would like to share with you something I have learned from Talking To Toddlers. Sometimes, my toddler doesn’t want to oblige with a command. I have learned from Talking To Toddlers that I can use double binds. What is a double bind? It creates an illusion of choice. For example, your kids doesnt want to fix the room. You can say “do you want to fix your room now before we eat or after?” Actually, what you are doing is making the action look like it was the choice of the kid. I have tried it and it usually works!

I have mentioned this in my previous post on communication and the tips I am getting from Talking To Toddlers actually works!

Note: This is not a paid posting.


  1. Mom of Four says

    That's a good way of asking your kids to do something, rather than a command sound, which they always refuse. It's hard to get a fast and happy response from our children if they were asked nicely, they will do it with smile on their faces.

  2. attyjurita says

    i should follow this strategy…makulit 2 boys ko e…

  3. Thanks for sharing this Mommy Chris.

    Matry kay Yuwel paglaki laki nyan. 🙂


  4. oi maganda to. gosh si yena lagi na ko isnab ngaun esp pag busy sa laro.. i will try to do this 🙂 weeeeh

    thanks for the info chris!

  5. Thanks.

  6. nice one Mommy!

    mabuti na lang may mga help materials like that no

    Make or Break

  7. Wow that is a great idea!!!!

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