Thank You, Tita Cory

I was about 10 years old when people power happened and her passing away today and all the videos that they are showing reminded me of what she did. She was so courageous. And in her last interview with Jessica Soho, she mentioned that she was glad that she stayed at home with her kids while her husband was so busy with politics then. She didn’t want to deny her kids of a mom and a dad….. Well, that alone was an encouragement to me.

Thank you, Tita Cory for sharing your life with us!


  1. I remember Ninoy's words about Tita Cory from that song (I forgot the title) sung by Jose Mari Chan: "there were candles to burn, the world was my concern while our home was her domain; and the people were mine, while the children were hers…" We have a similar sentiment about our former leader, Chris. May she rest in peace.

  2. Let's pray for her…May she rest in peace…

  3. One thing that I like about her was her being a hands-on mom and her love and support for her family is admirable.

  4. Hi Momi Chris! Hope you can light a candle for her as well. click here

  5. God bless her.

  6. She was so young, too!!!

  7. She passed away?! really, Rest in Peace Madame Cory Aquino. Thanks for the info chris.

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  9. May she rest in peace now.I saw it too on the television…

  10. kakanggata says

    she had been a great leader and a great mother. all the things and words we hear on tv right now just prove it to be so. she will be remembered even after these days of mourning. R.I.P. Cory Aquino

  11. thanks to tita cory for giving back our democracy =0

    thnks sa visit ehhehe d n nnmn ako nakasali sa meme kasi nmn hirap mag hanap ng pic kasi nawala n sa pc ko ang pics eh naka bukod n sya kaya nakakatamad =) habol ako heheh -=)

  12. I always respect her for the things she did for our country and for all of us. She is a woman of faith and courage. Let's pray for her and her family.

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