Tuesday Couch Potatoes : Husband and Wife

I am very excited to join the weekly meme hosted by Kikamz at Just About Anything. I love movies and sharing our favorite movies is fun 🙂 Today’s theme is our favorite husband and wife movie.

My pick for today is The Story of Us. This movie came out at 1999. It is about the happy and hard times that a married couple goes through. The movie stars Michelle Pfeiffer and Bruce Willis. This is the first movie that came to my mind when I thought about today’s theme…


  1. oi parang gusto ko grab copy neto tonight ha! :)my entry is here. http://www.eraslovers.blogspot.comthakns for commenting!

  2. haven’t watched this movie yet mommy chris so i guess, this will also go in my to-watch list. i love the tandem of bruce and michelle so i know this will be a good one!thanks for joining this week! kitakits ulit next tuesday? hugs!

  3. I watched that movie before, it was ok. My all time fav is pride and prejudice, have you watched it before?

  4. thanks for sharing..I’ll download this movie tonight….Mine’s here: http://www.genejostory.com/2009/08/tuesday-couch-potato-no1-favorite.html

  5. I love this movie, its comedy, drama. a lot of married couple can relate with this movie on how their marriage changes. but they have to stay together for their kids. well its a happy ending though

  6. grace fancubit says

    love this also..nakaka in love

  7. I will look for a DVD of this movie. I haven't seen it and I like the actors.

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