A New Mom’s Shopping Spree

After being a mom for 5 years, I can no longer imagine life without these precious bundles of joy. Becoming a parent has taught me so many things and it brought out a different “me”. I learned a lot about myself. But parenting is a constant change. I still remember the different stages.When my eldest was born, I barely had time to go out and shop for her. I was a first time mom who was hands-on with everything and we were exclusively breastfeeding. I would rather stay home than stroll in the mall to shop. I was really glad that ShopWiki had several guides for shopping like those for infant clothing, toddler clothing, clothing for girls and clothing for boys. It gave me several tips. Shopping through the internet has never been easier with ShopWiki. They also have nursery furniture, activity sets, and other babies and toddler products. Searching for books or toys is just a click away. ShopWiki can search for all stores on the internet to help you find what you are looking for!Now that my baby has grown up, I still love to check out the latest babies and toddler products through ShopWiki. It reminds me of how fast time passes by and to cherish each moment spent with them!


  1. *mrsMartinez* says

    hey I entered your contest! happy anniversary! when ca we know the result?

  2. *mrsMartinez* says

    btw, will yo be interested in exchanging links?

  3. Ang bilis talaga lumaki ng bata ate chris ano? and it really is fun shopping for kids' stuff! ako, aside from the home department, i also frequent the children's section whenever i go window shopping. pati na rin online. hehe!

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