Breastfeeding is Best!

Breastfeeding is best for babies up to two years and beyond… that is what advertisements of infant milk advertise nowadays. They have been required to include those statements since breastfeeding is being encouraged to mothers everywhere. It is not only natural, but its healthy for both mother and baby. It is also more economical for families everywhere. The WIC, a federal agency that gives food, counselling and health services has a new package which encourages breastfeeding. Once you select breastfeeding, you will not be given any infant formula. Instead, it will be reallocated to funding for all currently provided food. If you are partially breastfeeding or formula feed exclusively, you will also receive 13% less infant formula than the previous years.Though new mothers know this information, it still takes determination and patience to be able to breastfeed your baby. I have breastfed both my babies. It wasn’t easy especially when you are just starting but once you get used to it, it is the most natural and beautiful experience for a woman. I have exclusively breastfed my oldest daughter until she was about a year old and my son until 22 months. It has been a fulfilling journey.We were able to save a lot of money with breastfeeding. Infant formula can really be costly. There are so many brands that claim they are premium brands but when you check, they are all subject to the same government regulations. There are cheaper store-brand infant formulas. In fact, it would be interesting to check out baby formula savings calculator. You can see how much savings you gain when you purchase Parent’s Choice Infant formula against leading brands.



  1. Truly! it is really the best!

  2. i enjoy bfeeding my son! only the best for our child 🙂

  3. onlinemommy says

    This is very true mommy, breastfeeding is one of the most wonderful and fulfilling journey of a mom. Laki din ng masasave. I also exclusively breastfed my daughter for almost a year. I only stopped kasi dami na agad ngipin, super sakit mangagat. And it is also true na hindi madali, especially for first timers and with inverted nipples like me. It takes a strong determination to do be successful. I also encourage my friends to breastfeed so they will also experience the joy and fulfillment I felt when I breastfed.

  4. I agree that breastfeeding is still best! I do breastfeed my children and my coming baby. ^_^

  5. Certainly true. I have a friend who breastfed her daughter, and as I can see it her child had grown up so healthy. That's why I prefer my wife to breastfeed our coming baby too!

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