Grandparents Day is Coming!

I can’t believe it! It is September already. Grandparents day is a few days away. It will be celebrated on September 13. Both set of my grandparents have passed away already but both set of my kids grandparents are still around. I believe it is very important that the kids get to spend as much time as they can with their grandparents so they can gain wisdom and have as much memories with them as possible.

Hopefully, this coming grandparents day, my kids can get to spend some time with their “lolo and lola” or “angkong and amah” (fookien dialect for grandpa and grandma). Its time to shop for their gifts! Thankfully, I can shop online at since I dont have much time to go to the mall nowadays.

I want to give them a gift that they will appreciate. It is a toss between Digital Photo Frames and Novelty Pillows. Which gift do you think is better?


  1. onlinemommy says

    Any of the two will do. It is the thought that counts 🙂

  2. The digital photo frame is a nice idea to showcase the pictures of your little ones so their angkong's and ahma's can see them even if they are far away.

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