Math Problems

I graduated high school from a local Chinese school. There are a lot of people who say that the Chinese are good in math. Well, it must be because we have two math classes. One is taught in English while the other in Chinese. But when I reached college, I have never been a fan of math subjects like calculus, trigonometry and linear programming. Contrary to others, I just barely passed those subjects.If only online math tutoring was common those days, I would have gotten math help from They offer online math help 24 hours a day. I think it is a great idea since you won’t need to waste time traveling to get to your tutor and you can do tutoring anytime or anywhere you are as long as you are online.They also offer unlimited tutoring package for all subjects at a very reasonable price of $ 99.99 a month. It sounds interesting. If you are interested, they offer free demo for first time users so that one can try out their service first.


  1. you know how to speak/write chinese pala mommy chris. my son is currently enrolled in a chinese school, i'm not satisfied with the tutors near the school. it's hard to find a good tutor these days. lucky me wala naman prob math anak ko, sana hindi magkaroon prob.

    baka you want to be a chinese tutor, another sideline 🙂

  2. We're not Chinese but I'm looking at enrolling Joaqui in a Chinese school someday : ) I think Chinese schools are one of the best when it comes to Math.

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