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Greetings everyone! Our theme for this week is DRESS UP DAY! You can share any photos of your kids in formal clothes or in costume.Kyla wore her fairy wings and crown to a costume party a few weeks back.As for Toby, this is the closest photo I can find to dressing up!Do you have photos of your kids dressing up? Join us at Mommy Moments!

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  1. wish i can join, too bad im so busy.. i sneaked in your blog just to wish you well… missing all you blogger friends

  2. I'm happy I was able to participate early today. Very early for a Friday as it's midnight. Anyway, fairy costumes or dresses are my favorites until now, at least for kids your daughter's age. So cute, with wings and crown and wand…all the works. 🙂

  3. I am also early today. Yung anak ko laging suot Superman costume. I like your daughter's fairy costume. Sana may binibihisan din akong ganyan. 🙂

  4. hi mommy chris…so cute naman ni Toby at Kayla!!!

    mine is just up:

    Happy MM!

  5. Kay cute naman ni Toby! Feel niya talaga ang tie I must say. I especially like the Mickey logo. 🙂 Mommy Chris, Kyla looks like you a lot na. She's so pretty and dainty in her fairy costume. 🙂

  6. so pretty kyla in her fairy costume!

  7. Serendiptity is Sweet says

    Aw, they are so precious!

  8. hi momi chris, great theme this week. I really enjoyed it.

    Happy Mommy Moments!

  9. Kyla is a lovely fairy while Toby is gwapo with his cute tie on. Mine is up too. 🙂

  10. lurrvee the tie! hello pretty Fairy Kayla! Than you sop much for linking up my entry.

    Fellow devoted pretty Mommies, my entry is here

  11. Dressing up is so much fun! Cute kids!

  12. I love the tie on Toby. And what a beautiful Fairy costume for Kayla. Most of my kids like weird costumes, hehehe…Have a great weekend.

  13. Di ko makita yung link ni Mr.Linky hehehe..

    I love Toby's Tie!

    My entry

  14. i love Kyla's costume and ang cute ni Toby nakanecktie pa..Happy Friday

    Mine's here:

  15. akala ko maaga na ako.marami na palang!

    your kids are adorable.

  16. Hi Chris,,,, Dress up is Fun and its mIcahs turn !!!! Have a lovely day

  17. Cute!!! He looks grown up with his tie on. =)

    Haven't had time to dig up photos for dress up. 🙁 But I hope I can join later, even if it's late na.

    Happy Friday everyone!

  18. kyla looks like a pretty fairy.. nice costume.. weeee si toby naka tie na 😀

    mine is up at Yena's world

    i can't put my link on the linky 🙁 wonder whats wrong whoot 😀

  19. Hi Chris, your kids are adorable and Toby is so cute with the necktie about Kyla's fairy wings awww she is pretty little fairy so cute 🙂
    Here is my MM Chris

    have a blessed weekend!!!

  20. I guess when I visited your blog for the first time, I saw Kyla wearing her fairy costume–so lovely!!^_^
    mine's here:

  21. oh i remember the boys have some pics wearing terno tigger costume..

    pede ba take two ang theme na ito after Halloween haha

    Kyla looks like a fairy nga!

    Take a peek on my future politician (nyek!)

    Make or Break

  22. Aww… your kids are so cute, especially Toby! Looks like he's so proud to be wearing a tie!

  23. sweet_shelo says

    Nice to see your little boy dressed up as a little man sis..

    Happy Mommy Moments..

  24. Beyond Motherhood says

    wow! your boy soooo handsome. happy mommy moments and have a fruitful weekend.

  25. Grace Draper says

    i almost forgot this meme am here join again like your girl dress and ur toby boy cute on his necktie hihi kids was cute when you dress them up walang angal he he

  26. life's journey says

    Oh they are cute…Mine is different.

  27. I like Toby’s getup! Laki ng tie :)Late ako nakajoin, di ko makita ung ibang pics ni Gabby in barong e. Dami na nun e, sayang! 🙂

  28. Medyo matagal pa bago ko masuotan ang little daughter ko ng costume tulad ni Kyla. Anyway naka-up na po ang entry ko. thanks!

  29. I like Kyla’s fairy costume, and Toby looks cute with that oversized tie on.

  30. Hi Mommy Chris..Your kids are so lovely.. parang nagiging dalagita na si Kyla. She’s more of a girl now, not the little girl anymore. Im sure lalo pa syang gaganda in few months, years.. Toby is cute as well, seems to be a happy glad i joined this week again.. wala pa pala kami formal drssing up =( Anyway, try ko lang bloghop iinsert mo sa kin para mkapag blog hop later. Thanks

  31. i have seen the badge around, but have only decided to join now. and this is fun 🙂 expect more mommy moments from me! Dress Up Day

  32. I like Toby’s dress w/ neck tie bagay na bagay sa kanya.Kailan kaya ako makakabili ng dress for the boys?Siguro pag nagka apo nalang ako no?I like Kyla’s costume too.She’s really pretty on that costume.Mine’s here…

  33. very nice pics… thanks for sharing… my entry will be up in a while medyo busy lang … pasensya na

  34. ganda naman ng fairy….yung binata mo Mami Chris…japorms na japorms….lol!

  35. Nice costume and princess outfit for your kids chris. I thought hindi ako makakapagpost nito, so i took pics of justine parang ang dami ng pics sa post ko hehe. Nice theme mommy chris

  36. says

    As usual, I am always late. ^_^ your girl’s dress. She looks pretty. Your son is a knock-out too!

  37. I like her as a fairy. So pretty. Ang cute din nung tie kay toby

  38. hi sali po ako kahit late ulet!!! =) bakit gnun d ako maka reg ke mr linky?? d b dati enter ko name ko then nsa list na ko??? nd eata ako marunong gumamit ehhehe +) nweis eto n po entry ko =)

  39. hi chris! your kids are so big na, they look like you =)

  40. Hi mommy! Humabol ako..hope u dont mind. :)For my very first enty pls do check out; http://prettymomie.blogspot.comthanks.hope to meet mommy frends here..

  41. Hi, Chris! Mine's up since last week, hahaha. Btw, Happy Blog Anniversary!

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