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mommy momentsIts Friday and and its Mommy Moments day!Today’s theme is about That’s My Favorite. You can post about any favorite of your kids.Kyla loves to draw and color. This is her favorite past time. She can spend her day just drawing and coloring. Someday, I want to enroll her in arts/drawing class where she can learn more or enhance her talent more.Recently, she loves to create cards. This is my favorite.Toby loves to play. His recent favorite toys are dinosaurs.He also loves to read books. His recent favorite book is Basura Monster. Basura Monster is a book about the environment. It teaches kids to properly care for the environment otherwise here comes the Basura Monster!His recent favorite shirt is this one.Now, its your turn, join us and share with us what are your kids favorite?MckLinky Blog Hop


  1. I love the moments you think to capture with your camera! Your daughter certainly does look like she loves to create art – she is so focused! And your son is just a doll – I think every little boy has admired Superman at some point :0)

  2. sa wakas nakasingit din ako for this week's mommy moments! i enjoyed this entry ha 🙂

    heniweys, napakacrafty and creative naman ng mga chikitings mo mommy! 🙂

  3. Kyla sure has a talent in arts, and playing is what Toby likes best, just like my son Justin.

  4. Kyla's art is pretty. I like that Basura Monster concept.

  5. Your little girl is talented sis.. My daughter loves to write and draw too… But she is 4 years old so I really see her handwriting a little scratchy pa.. hehe

  6. Mauie Flores says

    We don't have a copy of that Basura Monster yet but I've heard good reviews about it.

  7. kyla's card is so nice 🙂 love it.. and i love toby's smile while holding his basura monster book ha! pilyo 🙂

    anyways here's my
    yena's favorites

    see you there!

  8. You have a future artist there… it's nice to nurture our kid's creativity…

  9. wow, very artistic your daughter ha. good that you nourish her creativity as well! cant show na their fave shirts, gutay gutay na bago tigilan e 🙂

  10. Kyla is so talented!

    Here's Our Favorits

  11. Kyla seemed to be really absorbed with her drawing and her writing. Must be really creative! Good thing the little boy loves reading at a very young age. Lots of great things going with your kids. 🙂

  12. life's journey says

    wow very creative talaga ang girl mo at pogi si boy mo…happy MM! TC

  13. You're so lucky to have kids with lot of talents to nurture. Great capture,Mommy Chris!!

    Happy Mommy Moments to everyone!!^_^ Enjoy your weekend,Mommy Chris!!^_^

  14. Beyond Motherhood says

    Beautiful captured of mommy moments. Blessings!

  15. That's a sweet card. Oh can't wait till my son can write me a card, now he's more to play just like Toby 🙂

    Happy weekend mommy…

  16. Why don't you send Kyla's art on The Philippine Star's Kid's Only magazine. My son's art was featured there.

    Toby I bet loves to collect those dino's just like my son who is so fond of toys when he was younger.

    Mine is up.

  17. i love the card, it is so sweet mommy! kyla sure has talent! i won't be surprise if she will pursue a career in arts and design when she grows up. and toby is so cute in his red S shirt! and dinosaurs will always be a fascination to little boys.

    am happy that i was able to join today. wheee!!! i enjoyed today's theme.

  18. Wow, you may have a budding artist and scientist in your home! Nurture such interest Mommy Chris. Happy weekend! 🙂

  19. Bambie dear ★ says

    Kyla has always been such a sweet daughter, and toby seems to be so active. You're lucky to have kids who love books and crafts. I love toby's smile, so pure and full smile hehe

  20. Ang gagaling naman ng mga babies mo sis! Very artistic and book worm pa… ur lucky! 🙂

    Mine is here pla sis :

  21. This pictures are precious..Kyla's card is so beautiful and the way she draw it,nakaka touch. Love na love nya si mommy..So sweet :p

  22. wow, you have an artist in the making!

    Syempre ang credits, kay Mommy 😉 for raising very talented children.

    More Power to you and your family! Happy Mommy Moments!

  23. Pareho pala si Kyla at Naomi na mahilig magdrawing. At nahilig din si Khalil sa mga dinosaur parang si Toby. 🙂

  24. Kyla's favorite sure is one of a kind…its a good thing that she's very much into it at this very early age. As for Toby…I see my little nephew in him. From having a favorite shirt, toy and even a footwear 😀

    I'll be absent again for this week's MM Chris, Franky's sick 🙁

  25. Kyla is so sweet with that card.. I noticed that Tobby always had this sweet smile for the camera. so cute!

  26. Ang ganda ng card ni Kyla for you! Very artistic talaga siya! 🙂

    Didn't join today ha? next time, try ko talaga. wla na halos time, i just tried bloghopping kasi break time from work. 🙂 take care, Chris!

  27. I likeToby's sweet smile while holding the Basura Monster book nakakahawa nag smile nya.While Kyla has her innate talent to puruse to go on while she's young.My daughter Yukiko loves to draw & paint too since when she was 4 years of age untill now she's on her 3rd year in junior high school she keep on sketching pa rin,Kylas work is so sweet.Have a pleasant weekend!

  28. kyla is an artist in the making… and Toby is so adorable with his Basura Monster book. First time i heard about this concept and seems to be very interesting.

    Yet another great theme again this week momi Chris.

    Mine is up.

  29. The kids are so wonderful. may similarities si toby mo at jj ko, mahilig din sa dinosaurs.

  30. Ang ganda na mn ng hilig ng baby girl kyla mo chris, napaka bait na bata. both your kids are good baby look at toby pinagbigyan talaga ang mommy to pose for some pictorial heheh.

    Blog Fusion
    Worths Road
    Simple Happy Life

  31. habol ako chris…:)

    wow, kyla is really good in arts…

    here's mine

  32. Pinoy Smiles says

    Your kids are so cute!

    You might want them to join the smile of the month contest at

    check it out!

  33. hi eto n entry ko late na pero okay lng ehehe =) cute nmn ni kyla she loves painting noh? =) and also with toby eheheh namana nya cguro sa ate =)

  34. mine is here…kaso i cant reg na ke mr linky eh! –

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