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Hello mommies! I am planning a Mommy Moments event this December… hopefully, it will push through. Aside from celebrating the holiday season, we would also celebrate the 1st anniversary of Mommy Moments! I am excited to see you guys… If anyone wants to sponsor for the event or have any ideas, please let me know..Anyway, our theme for this week is Treasured Pictures. You can post about any photo of your kids that you truly love and cherish… share a bit why you chose that photo too …

First picture of Kyla and Toby together… This was taken after we brought Toby home from the hospital… I just love the expression of Kyla here!
This picture was taken when Toby was about 2 months old. Little Kyla was around 3 years old. She really is a loving sister and took care of her little brother in her own little ways.
This is a recent photo of the two. The photo says it all! I just love it!Now, its your turn to share your Mommy Moments!MckLinky Blog Hop


  1. grabeh…and super sweet ng mga photo mo,Mommy Chris, and yes, the last photo is the real winner!!!

  2. wow, super sweet and super nice photo. hmm, makes me want to go back to my post and add one picture. hay. kainggit ang sweetness.

  3. Ang sarap ng feeling when I see little kids show affection to their younger sibling. Loving Ate si Kyla. 🙂

  4. Tama si Willa panalo ang last photo.

    first time ko pala to use Mcklinky. 🙂

  5. Treasures all, but my heart melted at the final picture!

  6. Aw!!!!! To the nth power. Chris! Ang ganda! Love it sobrang ganda naman talaga. Naka-frame na ba ang mga ito? Especially yung huli.

    Pasensya na at napapa-absent ako sa MM ha.

    Go naman ako sa MM meet-up. Kailan mo plan sa December? Uwi kami ng December 24. Pero no special treatment ha. Kung kailan lang pwede mas nakakarami. 🙂 Good luck.

  7. Me too I love Kylas facial expression. she is so sweet big sister to her lil brother. I love all the pics chris especially the middle one. Ang babait namn ng mga anak mo chris may pinagmanahan sa kabaitan.

    Look forward for MM events on december.

    Blog Fusion
    Worths Road
    Simple Happy Life

  8. Sweet naman ng mga kids….Your kids are so adorable!

  9. aw, great photos 🙂

  10. great theme this week, sana may part 2. There's just too many treasured moments to share.

    Mine is up na.

  11. awww, love the pictures. ate is so sweet and caring to her little brother.

  12. I love these pictures, mommy! Truly precious!

  13. ahhhh,,, sibling LOVE!!!!!! ang cute nga!!!!!! sarap pagmasdan lao na pag magkasundo ang magkapatid!!!!!

  14. wow, these pictures really ought to be treasured! they are so sweet!pag malaki na sila at nag-aaway na, show it to them! ha ha!
    teka lang, I am still looking for a treasured picture:-)

    To Be, To Be. Tutubi.

  15. Those are sweet precious moments, I love the last photo!

    Here's my treasured ones

  16. I like the last pic, Chris! It's great that you were able to capture candid moments like that! 🙂

  17. That first photo made my heart melt. I remember being 5 and my little brother coming home from the hospital – I tip toed into his room and peered into his crib wondering how long it would take him to learn how to crawl and mess up all my stuff! I'm sure if my parents had taken a photo I wouldn't have looked as angelic at that moment as your daughter :0)

  18. Hi Chris! these are just lovely…your kiddos are so adorable. I promise to post mine in a bit!

  19. Awwww!!Their closeness to each other is so envious!!They're such an adorable kids!!^_^

    Thanks for dropping by,Mommy Chris!!Have a blissful weekend to you and your family!!^_^

  20. Mauie Flores says

    Aww… super caring naman ni Ate.

  21. Wow,great pictures!! Kyla and Toby are so sweet I love the way Kyla's smile so sweet and loving sister.. Mine is here

    God bless you and have a fun weekend :p

  22. life's journey says

    They are very cute…sweet oy…Happy MM! Mine is up too.

  23. wow, super sweet ni ate! i love the last pic!

  24. love the last photo tlga 😉

    mine is up na rin mom chris!! thanks! mwah

  25. ang cute ng magkaaptid tgan! same tu ng tine treasure na mga pics =) [aglaki nila sana makita nila yun and sana maging close sila paglaki noh.

    here's mine –

  26. How incredibly adorable! Very heart warming!!!

  27. Love the first pix, reminds me of my brother when he was born and I kept starring at him from the side of his bed (at least that what my parents told me, I was 3 at that time).

    About the event, what kind of sponsorship you accept? I'll be happy to sponsor if I can 🙂

  28. read your message in my blog!! sorry about that. been crazy these past weeks. anyway, to answer your query, i just read about Golay's work in a book I read, Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling. other than that, i just researched in the internet. i think it's amazing that your kids and mine share almost the same personalities!! 😀

  29. Panalo ang mga pictures mo Mommy Chris and how I wish na meron na rin kapatid si Joaqui ; )

  30. oh my chris! I love the first photo but the thrid one is the most precious one.. wala pa akong entry, it's hard to find one when you have lots of kid!! waaaah

    about the ideas.. will talk to you soon.. mejo busy lang eh.. and thanks for giving in with the favor I asked..

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  31. Yah, these moments are so sweet and so cute. You can see that they will take care of each other until they grow up.

  32. What sweet little children you have!

  33. ang sweet tingnan ng magkapatid kakatuwa. mga anak ko naku di mo mapapose ng ganyan.

    teka habol ko entry ko ha.

  34. these photos are so sweet! they highly speak of what sibling love is all about! now i miss my siblings… 🙁

  35. mine's up. =D

  36. Me too!'though i love all their photos in here.I love the last one the most.Ang sweet sweet nila ate na ate ang dating ni Kyla.
    Mine's up now Mommy Chris.

    About your plan in Dec?I wish I could come too.I'll let you know then & I'm willing to give you a boost onto this as one of your sponsors.Just tell me how?

    Have a Blissful weekend!:D

  37. Pressure moments indeed! I like the first one, the most. I'm posting one, though a bit late I think. 🙂

  38. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    I love the third pic, they are going to be so bonded by the time they become older…that's a good foundation…

    mine is up as well!

  39. The first photo is priceless! Salamat uli for adding my entry to Mr. Linky.

    Happy Friday and God bless the family, Momi Chris!

    entry here

  40. your kids are so sweet!! do they fight a lot too?

  41. my entry is finally up

  42. This Mommy Moments is really very fun! I always look forward to posting mine…thanks mommy Chris for this. btw, I love your treasured pics.

  43. love the last picture mami Chris…so sweet nilang dalawa…:)

  44. Wow, indeed most treasured photos. Don't you wish that they stay sweet with each other when they start their teen age lives? That's what I was hoping for my children. Have a great weekend Chris..

  45. made it this week…**,

    cute pictures. love the first pic. Ki have the same expression when she saw Tok. 🙂

  46. hi chris, nice photos. like the first one the best.

    been busy the past few days but will post my entry later today. late na naman ako.

    on the december eget together, i can do the balloon decors.

  47. Hi Chris,

    About the event, yes I can spare some through paypal. I just need to know when it's needed before I can decide about the amount. Just inform me when you're done finalizing it 🙂

    Btw, buying special gift sounds great. Even now I'm already curious about what gift you're gonna buy, lol.

  48. hi chris, thanks for always accommodating my early entries…

    ang sweet naman ni kyla kay toby…such a lovely sight

    have a great week 🙂

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