Our Light Amidst The Storm

We all saw what Typhoon Ondoy has left the country with… so many heartbreaking stories and its just horrific seeing all those people stranded on the roof of their house. In just a glimpse, all the possessions and everything one has worked so hard for is gone! Family members are lost, valuable possessions, memories of your child hood… its just devastating.I am so thankful that our street didn’t get flooded and that even if my hubby was stranded and couldn’t come home, he was able to stay in his parents place to let the flood subside. We are blessed but unfortunately, many families are grieving, shocked, sick and still need help.My kids are too young to understand the devastation that is happening around us but I am trying to tell my daughter how blessed we are and that we should help others. We know that God is Sovereign and we can’t understand why people have to suffer this way. The best way through this situation is to trust that God is ALWAYS in control. He allows events to happen because HE has a greater purpose. We just need to trust in Him. He is our hope. He is the light amidst the storm.Today, I want to encourage you to share what you have to the thousands of people in need. Check this list where you can send in your donations. Perhaps, this is God’s way of calling our attention and letting love just flow out of our hearts.


  1. Chris – my thoughts are with everyone there suffering through this tragedy. I cannot fathom the destruction the storm has caused – physically as well as emotionally.

  2. Mas mabigat sa dibdib ang aftermath ng storm seeing the magnitude of the destruction…my heart goes out to the victims of typhoon ondoy.

  3. Yes, what happened was so heartbreaking. Esp seeing people cry because they lost their loved ones. My heart goes out to that man who lost his wife and their five kids, a man who died rescuing other neighbors, etc.

    Very heartbreaking I cried a bucketful for them. 🙁

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