Thursday 13 – Collection of Thursday Thirteens

As I am celebrating my 1st blogiversary today, I am listing 13 of my favorite Thursday Thirteen posts I have made:1. Precious Moments Graphics2. Movie Love Quotes3. Crafts for Kids4. 80s movies5. Animated movies6. Fun Pictures7. Weekly Meme 8. Quotes from President Aquino9. Origami10. 90s movies11. Homeschool in the Philippines12. Barbie movies13. Thankful for my HubbyJoin us Thursday Thirteen!


  1. Happy anniversary to your blog Chris! you did a great job making a footprint in blogville.

  2. Happy 1 year blogoversary!

  3. Hootin' Anni says

    What an achievement…one year blogging. Way to go!!

    My 13 is posted if you'd like to stop by and read 'em…it's a list of 13 plays on words with a bit of humor.

  4. She Became A Butterfly says

    i love 80s movies too!!


  5. Kudos on posting for a year! And Happy TT!

  6. Calico Crazy says

    Congrats on 1 year! Fun 13 full of 13s!

    Calico Contemplations

  7. Americanising Desi says

    hey hey hppy blogoversary! hope you two are making good merriment together 😀

    Click here for my Thursday 13

  8. life's journey says

    Happy blogversary Chris…TC Happy T13.

  9. Happy blogiversary!

  10. Happy anniversary!

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