Any Suggestions For My Toddler?

Since turning 2 years and 9 months old, Toby has become more independent. He doesn’t like me to get his clothes for him anymore. He wants to be the one to choose which clothes he would be wearing for the day. He also wants to use big plate like everyone, not the plastic type anymore.

Though, there are days that he becomes a cry-baby. Throwing tantrums every now and then. When I ask him why, he doesn’t reply instead he just cries or throw things. I still dont know how to make him stop throwing things when he is upset. Sometimes, I also can’t get him to stop being playful. He likes to play physical but he is hurting his sister most of the time by hitting and embracing too tight.

Do you have any suggestions?


  1. aw ganyan ata tkga ka hirap i handl ang boys =) my son nmn kung kelang inanawat saka lalung sasadyain. and buti nga si toby nasasaktan nya ng d sadya ang ate nya eh…my kids naku,….nagsasakitan tlga! as in pag d mo nakita naku wawa sila pareho. grabe! hays….kung mag tantrum dn s ethan walang piniliping lugar =( aw hirap tlga ehhehe =)

  2. GIOVANNI "John" FANCUBIT says

    Maybe its just normal at his age..

  3. hi chris, tantrums are signs of toby's frustration at wanting to be independent. it's best that you help him with things he is able to do, like dressing himself up, etc. that's the age that they want to do things by themselves, but physically, they are still not that developed to do (fine motor skills). 🙂 -Mandy (tamad to log in my blogger acct, hehe)

  4. Mommy Riza says

    Kelangan mo lang siya i-guide,ipaliwanag mo ng maayos na hindi tama or minsan idemonstrate mo rin sa kanya, kunyari pinalo ang kapatid, paluin mo rin siya ng alam mong maramamdaman nya yung sakit pero yung alalay lang para malaman nya na "ay masakit pala" or kung nagta tantrums, sabihin mo sa kanya "Toby alam mo, kapag umiiyak ka, sad si mama kase hindi alam ni mama kung ano ang gusto ni Toby, next time sabihin mo kay Mama kung ano ang kailangan mo ha"

  5. Genius Are For Kids says

    Hi there – nice post and congrats that your son is developing the confidence ( to dress himself and wanting to be like grown-ups).

    I think that is normal for kids like him. My son used to be like that too. So, don't worry that much 🙂

    Encourage him more and praise him to develop his self-esteem and he will grow up into a fine boy 😉

  6. sissy check this out:

    been on that stage.. the terrible 2, and after a few weeks, it passed 🙂 stage lang nga siya.. what works for me were: talkin to her until as she was able to express herself, yun mga fill in the blanks ba.. ikaw sumagot and hayaan mo siyang icomplete un sentence mo or hgang he said yes.. kasi nga nahihirapan pa silang magsalita and thats part of why sobra silang magtantrums.. give him a timeout wag muna kausapn or pansinin esp pag nagtatantrums na.. mhrap tlgang patahanin or kausapn pag ncmula na yun.. so pag calm na siya saka na.. give him a choice.. knwari ayaw nia yun gawin, give him options.. that way madadivert attention niya.. i feel u.. grave nafrustrate din ako nun first few days.. but after doin research and stuff, ayun stage nga lang siya for both of u 🙂 goodluck!

  7. I have 4 kids & I experienced these all.In Japan they called it "hankouki" or "rebellious stage" & thus starts at the age of 3.Kids sometimes go through a somewhat rebellious stage, but with time it passes then babait nanaman sila & will start again at the age of 7 then 15 & it's all natural.The key is patience and tolerance. Anger and ignorance back will only influence his rebellious feelings. If there's anyway to relate to him, then maybe you could see part of his side.Don't be fret mommy natural lang yan for a growing up kids like Toby.

  8. boys naturally play rough. at 2, your son does not know yet his own strength. just constantly remind him not to be too rough when playing.

  9. I saw some signs of Andrea throwing fits… and she is not even 2! Gosh imagine what will I go through pag 2 na… hahay I need more patience…

    Andrea is sweet pero pag di nakuha ang gusto she throw things or she will roll crying… waaaaaaa i deport ko kaya tong anak ko? hehehe

  10. Bayaan mo lang sya although you still need to guide him, ganyan talaga ang mga toddlers, they want to be independent.

    On being physical, normal lang yun but you have to explain to him (no matter how young) that he is hurting his sister and that's not the way to do it. Try to show him how to play without hurting his sister.

    How are you Chris? I hope hindi naman kayo nabaha, kami ok naman. Eto na naman at may bagong bagyo. Have a safe weekend.

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  12. So far naman, saglit lang si Gabby dumaan diyan. Sa Terrible Two stage na yan.

    I think diversion worked for him. When he threw fits, I wouldn't emphasize them and would divert his attention to things he liked to do or we go outside for some fresh air or "fresh" view. Pag okay na siya, I would talk to him about what he did and why he felt that way. It wasn't easy. But I know I had to let him talk so he would learn to express his feeling better.

    As for the physical play, hehehe ganun talaga. Even my son would play physical with his younger sister that he forgets na babae si Sunday, hahaha! I just remind him that. I also suggest that you ask his Dad to have more playtime with Toby. 🙂

  13. I think normal lang yan sa mga toddler.For me I encourage my kids to be independent.I give them simple task na kaya nila then give praises.Thanks talaga sa paglink ha…God bless!

  14. chubskulit says

    hayaan mo lang Mommy Chris ganyan din si EJ eh, sya na ang namimili ng clothes to wear hehehe

  15. Hello there,Mommy Chris!!I know it’s hard for you on handling Toby since he’s on the stage of being rebellious.It is normal to experience those at the age of 3.Just tell him that is not right to hurt his sister and let him think how bad it is when it’s done to him.Don’t worry too much coz it’s normal.Toby is now starting on becoming independent and you should be happy–encourage him and praise him to develop and to have self esteem.Good luck,Mommy Chris!

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