Arts Day : Popsicle House

Today’s art work was quite easy to do. The materials needed are popsicle sticks, markers, paper and glue. I asked Toby to help me stick the popsicle sticks to create a drawing of a house (I helped him put the sticks on the correct positions) and a fence. I asked him to draw a sun and outline the sticks with colored pens. Then I guided him in writing his name. Its interesting to see his development every time we make crafts together!


  1. I love watching my children at craft time. I have one problem though….I keep it all and my mom thinks it's crazy. I am always telling her, "Mommy they are going to want these to show their children". Am I right or wrong I think I'm right lol. I just organize so there's no mess and I still get to keep every project.

  2. cute! i love when kids craft! it's so much fun to watch!

  3. This is such a cute and easy craft! I love doing things with my toddler, he's so much fun, thanks for the great idea!

  4. wow, mommy. pano mo nagagawa un? ang galing! si Yz mahirap turuan eh. makulit kase. gusto nya sya lang. hihi! clap clap for Toby! yay!

  5. What a fun project. We love Popsicle sticks in our house. They have so many fun uses. Thanks for stopping by Chris.

  6. Very artistic!! Galin ni Toby =)

  7. wow he is good, how old is he?… my boy also lvoes to draw and cut…

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