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After officially becoming a couple on March 2000, we already had our wedding/marriage in mind. We were serious and both coming from long relationships before, we were sure that we were meant to be husband and wife. It was not an easy road for us. My parents opposed our relationship and our plans to get married. I come from a pure Chinese family and they prefer that I get married to a fellow Chinese. My hubby is Filipino and though they dont know him yet, he was already pre-judged.

It was quite difficult as days go by. We were set to get married, knowing that it was God who led us together and in my heart, I KNEW that God had called me to become his wife. There was tension in my family and as the months passed by, the date we had set to get married was drawing nearer. It was 2 months before the date when my parents finally agreed to face him and had formal talks with him. The dinner went well and all they asked was to move the wedding for a few more months so we can prepare and since this was the first wedding in my family, they wanted to be involved. We agreed….

So to cut the long story short, we had a short engagement. We loved each other and our story is not the usual mushy stuff… We got married 11 months after we became a couple with the blessing of my parents and God’s provision. Well, that’s another story for another week!


  1. Mom of Four says

    Chris, I didn't know you are pure blooded Chinese. Talaga palang totoo ang tradition na yan noh? You know, when your heart dictates, whether you're Chinese, Japanese, Cantonese, it doesn't matter, you will marry the one you love.,.and you will be happy because you will spend the rest of your life with the person you truly adore.

    I am so glad that you were so strong and you fought hard to stay with your then BF, now hubby. Bakit kaya daming mga stories behind marriage life noh? and it's so nice to know some of them. You and your husband were so lucky to have found each other.

    Until next week Chris, thanks for joining..

  2. frizzy_rein says

    hmmm.. interesting.. tingnan mo nga naman wala talagang magulang na makakatiis sa anak diba.. sinuportahan ka nila in the end.. oh well i think kayo talaga ang para sa isat isa.. till next CC.

    by the way, here's my entry :

  3. sweet_shelo says

    hi sis, I can see the love between you two…bilis nyo pala nga asawa.. Well as you have said, u were really meant for each other..

    Kahit may tutol, love was stronger that you became man and wife after all.. The Lord truly has arranged for both of you..

  4. I saw that Regal film loosely based on Mother Lily's life (it starred Kris Aquino and Lorna T i think) and Chinese families really feels strongly against marrying other nationals.

    You were courageous to fight for your glorious love, Chris. Nobody can really put off what God has planned for each of us.

    Hope you can visit my entry here as well

  5. I can relate it to my parents situation, my dad is a pure chinese too and as usual the same situation as yours, but love indeed won! So, my dad married my mom no matter what!

    Now, what else they can say…

    Nice post mommy!!!! Love it!

  6. Now Iknow that is why your kids Chris has the chinese look especially their eyes, you are a pure chinese. Against all oddsdin pala ang love story mo.Pag love ang nagdikta, walang makakapigil kahit magulang pa. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Two against the world! hahah.. well thats gonna be love! It conquers all:)

    Godbless Chris and your family!

  8. chubskulit says

    Wahhh I experienced that Mommy Chris, I had a boyfriend kasi that is part chinese and his family really did not want me to be in their family. He was the reason why I went to college kasi he told me that maybe if I finished my studies that his parents will accept me.. We lost connection though when he work here in S.Korea.

    So toto pala yang chinese tradition ano mommy chris..

  9. I'm so glad you shared that story, I loved reading it. How interesting! I hope that your family loves your husband now, that must have been difficult – but I'm happy that love won!

  10. How amazing love could conquer kahit na against ang parents mo on your relationship with him–glad that you listen to your heart and finally found your true love!!^_^

  11. sweet.. you must really love each other so much na kahit ayaw ng mga magulang mo, still pinaglaban nyo pa rin yung love nio. And i guess that love is really worth fighting for 🙂

  12. We just faced almost the same fate Chris,w/ diff'rent colors & shapes but the fate was almost the same.But that's not really matter,what matter now is we're all happy at the end & we surpass all the challenges in the past,thus telling us that no one can ever beat two people who really in love.
    I love your story & I enjoyed reading it.;D

  13. The Bumbles says

    I remember my Chinese roomie in College hid her Japanese boyfriend from her parents and he hid her from his. That was just forbidden on both sides. It is too bad that prior generations can't forgive the current generation for being color blind. I am glad that your wedding was blessed by your family in the long run and that you stuck with your heart.

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    You can also read others love story in there. TC

  15. Thanks Chris for allowing me post your story. TC

    It will publish tomorrow….

  16. akala ko chinese din husband mo..mukhang chinese din eh 🙂

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