Decisions… decisions… Homeschooling Or Not?

Now that the 1st semester of my daughter’s school is almost over, I am getting anxious as to what we will do for Kyla next school year. I have been researching and researching about homeschooling in the Philippines and really been praying about it. I have asked my hubby about it and he is go for homeschooling. Though it is not a common path here in the Philippines, there are DepEd accredited Christian schools which offer homeschooling. There are various support groups as well.

So why does homeschooling appeal to me? Maybe its because I know that I can focus and give my kids the attention compared to if she is in a class of more than 30 or 40 students. Also, I know that I can pass on to her the values and the Word of God emphasis we want to teach her. The fact that she wont be pressured to wake up so early and arrive home too tired is appealing. We can go and learn the actual things and visit actual places she is supposed to learn about. Can also enroll her in different classes. As for socialization, we arrange playdates with other kids, sunday school classes and regular interaction with all sorts of people. Im still looking for nearby support groups or co-ops.

So what are my hesitations on homeschooling? Can I be the best teacher for my kids? Am I ready to face criticisms?

Well, I still have time to think about it and make sure that this is what God wants me to do for my kids.


  1. wow, that should be hard but I know that you can do it with God's help.

  2. Hailey's Beats and Bits says

    hi chris. what inspired me to homeschool was what one person told me: "if teaching your child impacts eternity, why not go for it?" you see, life and after-life is more than academics and who are in better positions to do it than us, parents? i hope you will be have a smooth time discerning this. blessings!

  3. hi! like you, i have been researching about homeschooling my darling daughter, at least until before Kinder/Prep. I still feel uncertain if I can handle it, but maybe it really is worth a try.

  4. Like what Vannie said, its worth a try. You'll have full advantage on what you think is needed to be taught, more than the regular school curriculum. You'll have control on teaching him in advance.

    One thing about enrolling him to school though, it will greatly help enhance their social skills, build confidence and will bring balance when it comes to their E.Q.

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