I Finally Drove Again Today

Today, my hubby was home early because he wasn’t feeling well. So, the car was here and it was time to fetch Kyla from school. Hubby suggested that I practice driving, since Kyla’s school is only a few blocks away from our house and is just inside our village.

So to cut the long story short, I was able to drive successfully with the guidance of hubby, with our 2 kids 🙂 It was great! Hopefully, by next year, I am already confident to drive outside the village! 😀

Yes, I was able to drive again after quite some time 🙂


  1. that is great news ate chris! ako, i don't have the courage to drive yet but it is a very important and helpful skill. you never know when emergencies arise and knowing how to drive is a plus… hope you'll be able to drive farther soon! hugs!

  2. crazydenzki says

    kudos mommy chris!!!

    ako rin need na talaga matuto…tsk tsk…SOOOON!

  3. wow! keep it up Chris! malaking bagay talaga ang marunong mag drive 😀

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