Making Your Home Sing : Potty Training

Making your home sing Mondays

We are almost 100% potty trained! 😀 This week, we are going to try not to use disposable diapers anymore when we go out and when we go to sleep at night. So far, for the past weeks, he has been keeping his diapers dry at night and he has been telling me when he needs to pee or poop…Hopefully, this continues on….

Definitely, this is positive news as this will lessen our grocery expenses! 😀 Little boy is really becoming independent already. He is not so little anymore!


  1. i am starting to potty train Andrea… am still in the first stage… geee can somebody do this for

    anyway, the interim post is a non-paid post. Sa SS dapat non paid post then SS post then non paid post.

  2. Hi Chris, posted na the You're Inspirational feature on my blog ha? Thanks for it! 🙂

    As for Toby, it's good to know malapit na siyang grumaduate sa potty training na yan.

    Naalala ko potty training ng kids ko! I actually tell them to do it not because I want them to, but for themselves. I also tell them to "pakiramdaman" sarili nila, as if naman alam na nila un noon, hahaha! 🙂

  3. momstheword says

    Oh, that's exciting!!! I remember how nice it was to be done with potty training. Just makes it so much easier!

    Thanks for linking up today!

  4. Wow…that is exciting!!!! It will be sooner than you expect!

  5. Alicia, The Snowflake says

    Yay!!! That is exciting! Hope this week goes well! Happy Monday!

  6. a boy's mom says

    waaa, buti ka pa mommy chris. how did you do it? miguel doesn't even want to sit on either his potty or the bowl. ok sya with weewee (we're nappyless at daytime) but refuses to poop without nappy.

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