Mangosteen Juice

My daughter is so picky when it comes to food. She is not the type who would taste and try things out. Its so hard to make her eat veggies, fruits and juices. I guess it has its advantages since she doesn’t like candies, chocolates, ice cream and cakes. But certainly has its disadvantages too.

I tried many juices already, maybe I should try Mangosteen Juice. It is said to be packed with anti-oxidants and xanthones which is good for the body. It has been said that XanGo Juice is rich in vitamins and minerals. I was wondering what XanGo means and I found out that Xan is derived from xanthones and Go from mangosteen. Sounds beneficial to the body, now we should give this juice a try!


  1. I tasted Mangosteen juice! hehehe, mejo weird un taste pero since I need all the nutrients it has, drink ko pa din. Wish ko nga mdami akong supply nun e 🙂

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