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Thank God It’s Friday! Its another week for Mommy Moments and our theme today is PRECIOUS GIFT! Your post can be any tangible or intangible gift you have received from your kids!

My daughter loves to create drawings and art works and cards and letters… She gives them to me and I have kept all her art works in an envelope… the special ones, those marked with I LOVE YOU, I keep them in the pocket of my Bible’s little bag… She is so sweet! Truly precious…
Here are some of the works she has made!

My little boy loves to give power hugs and kisses! Those are enough to complete my day!

How about you? Share your favorite gift from your kids… Join us at mommy moments!

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  1. Hi Chris! sarap talaga ng feeling maging mommy ano? Your kids really love you. At napaka talented pa!

  2. ☼¨`*•.♥Rocío♥.•*¨`☼ says

    Aww Chris that is a very sweet post!

  3. Chris, you kids are both so sweet :-); you are so lucky you have them!

  4. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    this is so sweet! I can't wait when my son starts to write something for me too!

    mine is up!

  5. can't wait to receive something from my thea, for now ill just have to be super content with the hugs and kisses.

    mine is up after two missed MMs.

  6. ka nice ana oi and so sweet:)di pa man marunog si laikka ko..hhhe, hugs and kisses pa gift nya sa akin..but meron syng mga sulat sulat pina hang sa computer table ko..pwede ba yon?? hheeh..anyway..lets see!

  7. sweet_shelo says

    Oh those are sweet.. No other material things could replace the preciousness of the gifts from our children..

  8. You know what Chris, those power hugs and love drawings with God included in them are WORTH EVERYTHING. They are gifts that make a mother's life meaningful.

  9. Kyla is very talented and Toby is so sweet! Sarap maging mommy ano Chris?

    Find out my makukulits' Precious Gifts for me.

  10. When my son is as old as your daughter, I wish he'd give me his art works with "I love you, mommy" too. That will really warm my heart. Right now, he hugs me and tells me he loves me like your son Toby does.

  11. your kids are so sweet and the handmade cards are priceless!!

    happy weekend =)

  12. Kyla is so talented and she draws beautifully. Toby is so sweet, parang si Joaqui din ; )

  13. even simple things basta galing from them it really can make our world na, grabe talaga power ng kids natin noh? mine is up thanks

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  15. Sweet thoughtful kids are a blessing, Mommy Chris. Treasure them and every moment with them. 🙂

    My MM entry is here.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  16. aww, ang sweet naman. na-touch ako! 🙂 have a blessed day po.

  17. That is so sweet of your daughter!Tell her a friend out here in blog world thinks her drawings are beautiful 🙂

    btw/ I love the pics…I have many of those choke hold hug pics with my sons as well 🙂


  18. Oh they're so precious. Kyla is artistic, both of them are sweet. 😉

  19. awww so sweet! sarap tlga mging mommy..

  20. Mom of Four says

    Hugs,is the best gift we can get from our kids. Ang sarap ng feeling na very close sa atin ang ating mga anak..

  21. sarap naman makatanggap ng ganyan.

    male version mo si toby hehe =D

    My Precious Gifts

  22. kids has their own way on how to express their love in original way.And you are Blessed enough to have a precious kiddos like Kyla & Toby.
    I just love staring at those noble word that Kyla had wrote & I can't help myself on smiling here,she's really a darling & so sweet & it really feels so good receiving these from our kids.
    Btw,mine's up now.God Bless!Hugs!

  23. Excess:
    Hugs & kisses to Kyla & Toby
    Take care may bagyo nanaman pala & this time is bigger that the previous typhoon.

  24. ugh…hows sweet!

  25. Ang sweet ng Kyla at Toby mo Chris. I love toby's gesture ahhh nakakamelt ng puso pag hinahug ka ng baby mo.

  26. earthlingorgeous says

    Oh I definitely agree with the power hugs it just takes away any difficulty of the day! 😡

  27. earthlingorgeous says

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  28. ♡Grace Draper♡ says

    ang sarap maging bata he he, saka pagdating sa mga anak malambot ang mga puso, your kids ang sweet happy MM

  29. Your moments are the best moments ever! Nothing on earth can compare to the feeling of these pics!

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