Monday Movie Meme – Surprise Endings

Today’s movie theme is movies that you thought you had all figured out which then left you with your jaw hanging open in wonder at the final scene.

The Sixth Sense is my pick!

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  1. The Sixth
    Sense, yeah that was a very good movie.

  2. sweet_shelo says

    I agree with that sis.. The ending of the sixth sense was really surprising for me.. I never thought in the beginning that it could turn around like that. I have even featured that movie in my Tuesday Couch Potato meme..

  3. Oh yes, like what i said in my blog, The Sixth Sense blew me away!

  4. It was a good movie with a surprising twist. I figured it out early in the show so I wasn't surprised at the end. If you want to come on by for a look here’s my movie list.

  5. The Bumbles says

    I think Kaye is the only smart one among us! After I watched it I felt so dumb that I had missed the big twist and whenever I watch it with someone who hasn't seen it before I always feel like the clues are so obvious. It really was a great story.

  6. Definitely one of the best surprise endings ever, and one I plan to pull out this weekend.

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