Searching For Old Friends

I value and cherish my friends. After becoming a stay at home mom, I seldom see my old friends from school, church and work. Moving to a farther place from the metro also hinders me from going to reunions and parties as often as I would like. I know that it is important to reconnect with some old friends and cousins who I haven’t seen for a long time.

It is a good thing that there are sites like MyLife which brings people together. It is a people search site. It easily searches for people’s names and it access profiles from variety of places like social networks, propriety sources, public domain creating the largest database information to help people in finding their lost loved ones. What is interesting is that it also has a privacy policy so that you can control over your personal information. Another feature is that continues searching and provides updates as new information becomes available.

I tried to look for some old officemates and friends and was pleasantly surprised to find some links. Now, I just need to register and reconnect with them. It would be truly great to finally “talk” to them again after 5 years or more.



  1. grace fancubit says

    you are my top 4 EC dropper. Thanks.

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