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It’s been almost a year ago when I purchased my very own domain name http://www.mommyjourney.com. I am reminded that I need to renew ownership of this domain. Anyway, I was advised by one of the first people who helped me when i was just a newbie in blogsphere to purchase my own domain if I was really serious with blogging. Aside from easier recall with people, advertisers and other paid blogging services are more interested with own domain blog sites. Now when you have your own domain, you would also need to have your own web hosting service provider. There are many companies which offer you cheap services but how can one be sure that the service is of top quality? This is why I visit the web hosting rating and reviews site so I can find out who are the top 10 hosting providers. I also check out the blog section when I need some technical information. Articles like how to incorporate a domain into your blogger account is very helpful to bloggers like me. It gives me a step by step guide as to what I need to do after buying my own domain. I also read articles so I can be updated with the latest in the IT industry.

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