What Is A Crystal Singing Bowl?

Its pretty interesting that over the net, you can find different kinds of treasures. Some are historic, some are sentimental. But I have never heard of crystal singing bowls before so when I was given a chance to check it out over at the Silver Sky Import site, I went right ahead. Silver Sky is an online marketplace that delivers unique handicrafts from Tibet and Nepal. Their products include Tibetan Prayer Flags, Tingshas, Bell and Dorje, Incense, Felted Wool Handbags, Wood Masks, Prayer Wheels, Gongs, Bronze Statues, and Tibetan Meditation Rugs.

So what is a singing bowl? I actually found out that this singing bowls are used for Buddhist spiritual meditation. It creates 7 distinct tones representing each of the planets and the sun. This bowls were brought in to Tibet from India along with Buddhist teachings. According to the site, this bowls are also used for meditation, relaxation, massage, yoga, stress reduction and healing.

There are 4 kinds of Crystal Singing Bowls available. There is the frosted crystal singing bowl, crystal clear singing bowl with solid handles, gold and platinum singing bowl with solid handles. The items are sold at a lower price already. If you are into this kind of collection, might as well check them out!

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