A Simple Learning Style Test

I have been doing some research about my kid’s learning styles and I came across this simple test from the book of Cheri Fuller entitled The Mom You’re Meant To Be…

Imagine you’re reading aloud from a book with the repeated refrain “and the rabbit went hop. hop. hop.” Does your child:

  • Come up close, perhaps insisting on being on your lap, to see the pictures? This is a sign of a visual learner.
  • Mimic the wordsof the refrain or interrupt to talk about the story? This is a sign of an auditory learner.
  • Move around and do what the refrain says-hop, hop, hop? This is a sign of a kinesthetic learner.

So what kind of learner do you have?


  1. I wish pwede ito sa malalaking kids gaya ng sa akin. sayang hindi ko nabasa ito when they were younger. Thanks for the info. 🙂

  2. hahai.ponce says

    thanks for sharing, I'll check out the book ;), I think Leon is on the same stage as your son.

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