Emotional Needs of Husband and Wife

One of the sessions under the Pro-Family topics during the recent ParenTIN.tv Talk Series was about MARRIAGE. The guest speaker was Maribel Dionisio from The Love Institute. She discussed the differences between the emotional needs of the husband and the wife. It is very interesting to note that there is not one similar need between the two!

This is taken from Willard Harley’s His Needs, Her Needs. The emotional needs of a husband are:
– attractive spouse
– recreational companionship
– admiration
– domestic support
– sexual fulfillment

While the wife’s emotional needs are:
– family commitment
– financial stability
– affection
– conversation
– honesty and openness

You see the BIG difference between the two? For a marriage to work, one would really need to exert effort and be self-less.


  1. I agree with you especially with your last statement. But this could be abused as some men and women want to take more and give sparingly.

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