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Hello! Thank God Its Friday again!

Our theme this week is LET’S PRETEND. Kids love to pretend or play make-believe. As adults, we tend to forget why this is important to kids. In fact, as stated in an article in Family Anatomy, “The self-talk that kids engage in during make believe unstructured play might help them develop their self-control, problem solving skills, and self-monitoring skills.” You can post pictures with your kids wearing costumes or kids playing make believe…

Now, here is a recent photo of my little boy trying to scare us. He has been trying to scare people with what he calls “mu-mu eyes”….

As for my daughter, she just loves to pretend she is a fairy!

Now, its your turn! Join us here at Mommy Moments! Happy mommy moments!

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  1. naku scary talaga eyes ni Toby dyan…

    Kyla is pretty too in her fairy dress like my Danielle…:)

    Happy MM!

  2. Debbie Racho says

    Happy Friday!!!

    Your son really looks scary. And the lil girl is such an angel…

    It's my first mommy moments…i am loving it..i cannot wait for next week and so on…

  3. hahaha! nakakatuwa naman ng 'mumu eyes' ni Toby! where did he learn that? hahaha!

  4. Toby is pretty scary with his mu-mu eyes and Kyla could pass for a real fairy. : )

  5. ang galing ni toby…kakatakot. toby sino nag teach sa yo to do that? :)si kyla naman so pretty and cute na fairy.

    Happy Mommy Moment Mommy Chris. 🙂

  6. well, that is one scary pretend :-)!

    what a cute fairy costume, looks good on her pretty face!

  7. Katakot naman eyes ni Toby. Kyla is dainty as ever.

  8. Wow friday na pala sa pinas, mommy moments na naman. Ang cute nman ng mga makukulit mo chris. hmmm parang scary scary dating ng napapanggap na toby ahh, while kyla looks pretty in her fairy costume.

  9. natakot ako kay toby!!!! waaaaaah

    naku kYla as always is a princes to all of us 🙂

  10. waah! natakot naman ako..heheh!

  11. Sheila Obano says

    mommy chris! natakot ako sa mumu effect ni toby! waaaaa..

    anyways! happy MM!!

  12. sweet_shelo says

    OMG!! He knows how to make mumu eyes… kaloka naman kiddo mo sis.. scary nga talaga.. haha

  13. Hi Chris Mine is up na rin ngaun lang weeh thanks

  14. scary eyes ni Toby ang galing!! I like Kyla's pretty fairy costume..So cute =)

    have a great weekend =)

  15. toby is really scary!!

  16. oh my baby, you really scared me in your photo..

  17. Sorry for being late, my Friday morning was kind of busy nowadays… but I am present.

    Toby's can give you a real scare and your daughter is so cute with her fairy costume. Mine does not have a photo of my kids … but my son's make believe play captured by him.

    Hope you can visit my entry.

  18. Toby is so scary with his mumu eyes and Kyla is an angel in her fairy dress.

  19. Scary si Toby, pero mahirap din 'yan gawin, 'di ba Mmy Chris?

  20. Evan's Mom says

    The mu-mu eyes looks pretty scary to me and Kyla looks sweet as always.

  21. finally got to join this week! my entry is here: .. I can't seem to add my link to mr linky… rampa ako bukas ha, i need to go to lala land na 😀

  22. chubskulit says

    Oh my Toby looks so scary hahaha.. Ganda ni Kyla.. Late na ako wahh naglakwatsa kasi kami..

    Halika na at mag Kaba Kabayuhan tayo!

  23. hahhaha…kakatakot naman si toby…my gosh…he seems like he enjoys doing it….cute lil fairy!

    thanks pala sa support mami Chris….my entry will be up bukas….:)

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    Note: You can cast your vote and comment everyday. Thanks!

  24. haha love that first photo! 😉 scary but cutee!

  25. galing naman ng scary eyes 🙂

  26. Mom of Four says

    Wahhh, kakatakot talaga ang mu- mu eyes, hehehe.. I wonder how he did that, kasi I tried that before, ang sakit sa ulo ko.

    You daughter is like my Wrozlie, only Wrozlie always pretends to be a Princess.

  27. ♡ N o r e e n says

    hahahaha galing naman ng mumu eyes!

  28. Scary nga ang dating ng mumu eyes ni Toby kulit ng dating ahaha!
    And Kyla,she's really a darling on her fairy costume.Mine's up na Mommy Chris!HAve a great weekend!Hugs & kisses to Kyla & Toby!:D

  29. His Unfailing Love says

    cute ng eyes ni Toby, parang totoong nakaka scary, hahaha!
    Ang girl mo naman Mommy cute na fairy

  30. Serendipity is Sweet says

    yipes, he's so scary 😀

    She's adorable!

  31. natakot naman ako sa scary eyes ni Kuya Toby.

    Posting late this week, my MM is up.

  32. Bambie dear ★ says

    lol naughty Toby… Kyla is always been sweet, kahit sa picture she looks so sweet.

    Happy weekends Momsie

  33. ♡Grace Draper♡ says

    hahaha toby was funny, i like kyla's fairy dress

  34. Toby is really scary! and Kayla makes for a perfect pretty fairy.

    I know i am late to Thank you for linking me up but i got busy bloghopping and visiting other MM entries.

    Thanks again, Momi Chris!

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