Monday Movie Meme – Victory

The movie theme for today is VICTORY!

My picks are:

Facing the Giants

The Cutting Edge

For more movies, check out The Bumbles Blog


  1. The Cutting Edge, one of the movies which was a major hit when I was in my teens. :))

  2. stacybuckeye says

    How could I have forgotten about The Cutting Edge? I love that movie 🙂

  3. gmnnn mapanood nga yang the cutting edge na yan kasi two here already said it's good,,,, thanks

  4. Love The Cutting Edge – I almost included it in my list as well. Have not seen the other movie you mention. My post is HERE.

  5. Oops…here is the correct link to my post.

  6. i love cutting edge

  7. Forgetfulone says

    Facing the Giants! Football movies are winners for sure.

  8. I never saw "Facing the Giants," but I loved "The Cutting Edge." Thanks for including it, since I forgot!

  9. The Bumbles says

    The Cutting Edge – was that the ice skating one? I saw a part of that once! I've never heard of Facing Giants – thanks for the intro!

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