Pro-Negosyo, Pro-Earth at Pro-Family

As a member of, I joined the 2nd talk series it held last Saturday November 21 at the World Trade Center. The talk series was entitled Pro-Negosyo, Pro-Earth at Pro-Family! The whole event was from 1-7pm. I was only able to attend the Pro-Earth and Pro-Family talks. We went out for awhile since the kids were hungry but when we went back, the talk series has already ended.

For its Pro-Earth talks, they featured Earth-friendly businesses like Powernut and Kababaihang Masigla. For its Pro-Family talks, they featured Cordlife, Maribel Dionisio of Love Institute, my hubby Erwin Amador. The Rainmakers performed during the break and I was able to chat a little with Ms. Tintin Bersola-Babao.

Ms. Tintin Bersola-Babao is the creative mind behind I personally came to know her by becoming a member of We have exchanged several tweets and she even joined us one Friday here at Mommy Moments. When I introduced myself to her last Saturday, I found out that she was down-to-earth and very friendly.

We bought two more books that she wrote entitled The Story of Christine and Si Kontra, Si Bida at si Big Boy Buwaya.

I learned something new and will blog about it separately. I also met a few of the other members that day but wasnt able to get to talk to any of them. I look forward to attending more events!


  1. Hi tukayo ! im here at CPK Trinoma waiting for Julius for dinner and then the screening time of the New Moon movie.
    Thanks for blogging about ur experience at the Talkseries.

    It was nice to finally meet you .. from twitterworld to- face 2 face.You have a lovely family… and pareho na tayo 1 boy 1 girl. Ur so blessed to have each other lalo na't pastor pa si Erwin.. good boy yan hehe.

    He gave an interesting talk… male POV … kaya i wanna invite him again next year sa Father's Day Talkseries . Hope he will oblige…and pag di ka na shy… hehe…kayong dlawa na magtalk ha ?

    Hope to see you and your family on Dec6 !take care !

  2. That's great to be able to attend such talk shows,you will learn more of parenting stuffs.It's been awhile that I haven't seen Tin-tin Bersola–she was still single then.

  3. Crayons n Pencils says

    Your husband is a pastor pala. No wonder you have a wonderful life and a family…I admire you na talaga. ^___^

  4. SAyang I wasnt able to attend the event. I wish to meet tintin in person. 🙂

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