Thursday 13 – Events I am Looking Forward To

I can’t believe its November already!!! So my list today is about the 13 events I am looking forward to starting this November onwards! 🙂

1. Putting up Christmas decors
2. The first wedding hubby will be presiding over on November 14
3. Announcing the winner of my giveaway on third week of November
4. Parentin.TV Talk series on November 21
5. Finally being able to come up with a decision on my eldest schooling for next year
6. My birthday
7. My hubby’s birthday
8. Christmas day
9. Christmas break
10. Going to watch Disney on Ice
11. Mommy Moments Get Together
12. My son’s 3rd birthday
13. The New year

Drop by Thursday 13 for more lists!


  1. The Bumbles says

    I for one am looking forward to reading all about your Mommy get together when you post about it. Here's hoping it is a huge success!

  2. here's MINE!

    wow, there's a get together. hope i can join! hehehehe.

  3. Wow ang daming even aabangan for december si mommy ahhh. excited ako to see the MM moments, sayang wala kami diyan.

  4. Americanising Desi says

    wow i like the things to come.
    Human-ness still a mystery

  5. marcia@joyismygoal says

    What lovely things to look forward to

  6. Lots of great stuff to look forward to! I'm still restraining myself from getting excited about Christmas-yet!

    happy TT!

  7. advance happy birthday and disney on ice, ooh i also wish i can watch that for real.

  8. Adelle Laudan says

    Lots of good things in your future. Happy T13!

  9. it goes fast too first week almost gone

  10. 4 Lettre Words says

    How exciting for your hubby!

    Happy (early) birthday to you ALL!!

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