United Nations Day

Kyla’s school had their United Nations Day Celebration last October 29. Kyla represented the Philippines.

She enjoyed and participated in all their song and dance numbers.

She also joined the India dance presentation.
If you have been following me, you would know that my daughter doesn’t like to perform in front of crowds. That is why I was so proud of her that she was able to overcome her shyness!


  1. what a neat idea and what a cutie!

  2. Mom of Four says

    I love the outfits. Well, she's growing and probably now she realized, she wants to perform and I can undertand how proud you are. When Roan gets STAR award at school or kahit maka 100 sa spelling, napapaluha ako sa galak, hehe.. It's the mother in us Chris..

    Have a great day!

  3. Look at her!! She looks to be doing so great in front of crowds this time! She's adorable!

  4. Well done,Kyla!!You did a great job!!Keep your Mom make proud of you!!\(^0^)/

  5. seems like she had overcome her shyness, Chris. my son used to be shy too, but not anymore…it could be a phase!
    keep it up, Kyla!

  6. It's good that she can now overcome her shyness. Good job, Kyla!

  7. so, di na sya mahiyain ngayon and one more thing, pinay na pinay ha! good luck kayla

  8. I sure would love to see Kyla participate in more school programs. This is definitely a proud mommy moment for you, Chris.

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