Gift From Above!

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Today marks my birthday! I would like to thank the Lord for every good and bad thing that has happened in my life! I know that whatever has happened, has happened for a purpose. This year, I am not looking at receiving any special gift… the gift of eternal life and an abundant life with Jesus Christ is enough! He was blessed me with so much … the fruit of the Spirit which only He can bring in my life! Joy, love, patience, goodness…

I am also very thankful for my precious family! For my hubby, my kids, my parents and siblings and my in-laws too! I have been really blessed to have them 🙂 I couldn’t ask for more! Special thanks to hubby for the sporty watch he gave me 😀

I want to also thank my friends who sent me text messages just to greet me today. From friends who I haven’t heard from for quite some time… I am glad you still remembered my special day!

And to all my blogger friends who remembered to greet me today… many many thanks for making my day bright!

To Clarissa, Bambie, Yami … special thanks for the heart warming posts you made for me 😀 you made my day special!


  1. Happy birthday, Chris! May God bless you with so much more wonderful things.

  2. ♥Willa♥ says

    Happy birthday,Chris!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Mommy Chris…May you have the best in Life with jesus Christ:)

  4. A belated happy birthday to you! God bless you more!

  5. belated and blessed birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday Chris!

  7. crazydenzki says

    wow! december ka rin pala mommy chris =) happy happy birthday!!! wishing you more blessings in the coming years.

  8. The Bumbles says

    Happy belated B-Day Chris! And good luck with your Mommy Meet-Up this weekend. Happy thoughts for you and your family through the holidays and the new year beyond.

  9. It's another year in your life to be thankful for, be happy and enjoy your day! Have a happy birthday!

  10. David Guthrie says

    Happy Belated birthday. This blog has some very useful posts.

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