I ♥ Faces – Sweet Dreams

When my little boy is sleeping, sometimes, I just love watching him sleep…


  1. lol I thought the one facing your son is your other kid. Ikaw pala yan girl ang cute naman btw i just have a tag for you please take a look thanks http://annebianca.com/2009/12/christmas-tag.html

  2. sweet_shelo says

    sweet photo of you and your son sis..

    anyway sis, hope you could vote for my Daughter for December Pinoy Smile Contest at the link below:


    Thanks a lot , Merry Christmas!!!

  3. This is beautiful!

  4. the monkey's mama says

    very sweet photo. I love watching my daughter sleep, too

  5. So precious.

  6. Corey~living and loving says

    beautiful. I think it captures what many parents do. watching our child sleep is just part of the love.

    have a happy week.

  7. heart- warming…it's melting my heart right now…

  8. mooneyequalsmc2 says

    I love to watch mine sleep as well. Even my oldest at age 12…they are just so perfect and peaceful when resting.

  9. I love the photo sis. Grabe ang bonding moments ninyo.

  10. What a cutie! =)

  11. Amanda Heath says

    What a great moment in time captured here. I've always wanted someone to capture those moments for me. Snuggling my sleeping baby and taking it all in. They grow so fast and it gets harder and harder to remember these exact moments and how you felt, and a picture can take you right back there.

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