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Thank God Its Friday! Woot! Today, our theme is YOUR MOMMY MOMENT! You can post any moment you have with your kids that you haven’t posted before! This should be an exciting week…

I love being with my kids! Though sometimes, I feel guilty that I get upset and nag when they become too unruly or they mess things at the house… sometimes, my being OC gets ahead of me! This is something that I always try to remind myself… the kids are kids… and let them enjoy and also that i should loosen up.. I don’t want my kids to think that I am no fun to be with!

These pictures were taken a few months back…. I always try to make sure that we have bonding moments before we sleep. We play or read books or just spend time telling stories or recap the day we’ve had. I focus on them, no gadgets nearby to distract me.

We also goof around… the picture below was taken a few minutes before they actually slept! We pretended that we were already sleeping and captured a photo… so we can see how we looked like 😀

These are the moments I want to treasure… especially now that they are still young! How about you? What’s your mommy moment? Join us!


  1. Bambie dear ★ says

    this is one a great mommy moment.. kami din ni lil girl, laro muna kami bago sya tuluyan makatulog.. I guess ganun yata mga kids, parang medyo hyper during sleeping time tapos bigla na lang aantukin..

    Happy mommy moments =)

  2. ☼¨`*•.♥Rocío♥.•*¨`☼ says

    Aww lovely pictures! I suppose to be taking a nap with my little man!!
    Those are my special moments with my kiddos =D

  3. great photos sissy! love the last one 🙂

  4. These are really precious moments with yourkids.

  5. Hehehe.. we have similar sleeping pics mommy. 🙂 Your lucky they spend the day with you, tiring as it may.

  6. Aren't we all guilty of nagging our kids? LOL!

    I guess were both lucky to have to spend more time with our kids….

  7. You are a great mom to your kids and wonderful wifey to your hubbys. You really know how to manage you time and yet spend happy moments each day with your adorable kids. Good job chris.

  8. Most of the time I don't nag. Sometimes I smack when the naughtiness gets too overwhelming ho!

    Love these bonding shots. You three look cute with the pretending-to-be-asleep photo 🙂

  9. I love your entry for Mommy Moments!!Kids loves to spend time to their Moms and have fun and they always makes our heart melt!!^_^

  10. Hi chris, ang cute naman ng tulog niyo ng baby mo hehehe mine is up and its here thanks

  11. Caliente Mamma says

    ang cute cute ng mga pics. lalo na yung tulog kayo. for me, the best memories or the most fun i have with my kids are when we're in bed. harutan kasi talaga. and then they fall asleep. then they look like angels. haay.. sarap maging mommy!

  12. Sometimes I remind myself about that too, "kids are kids", let's give them some space to enjoy being kids…

  13. Hi Mommy Chris, I'm back at Mommy Moments! And am happy that I am. 🙂

    We would often play asleep too, then when their dad comes to the room, we would burst out laughing, surprising him. hahaha

    Happy MM!

  14. i can relate with "being guilty of nagging." good thing we can always change. i enjoyed this theme. Thanks!

    Here’s My Moment: Back Home.

  15. yeah, let's enjoy every moment of their childhood.

    lalo na yang binata mo hindi na yan magpapakiss sa yo pag malaki na.

    mine is up now chris! happy MM!

  16. I missed to participate last week but I a back now to share some of my mommy moments.

    Great Bonding Moments Mommy!

  17. Sarap balik-balikan ng mga pics natin wid the kids noh?

  18. The capacity being together w/ our kiddos is one of the most enriching features of a good family life.
    I enjoyed looking @ your photos specially you & Toby's riding on the coattails photo.
    Btw,mine is up now Mommy.
    Happe weekend!:D

  19. life's journey says

    Being with our kid/s is a great feeling even sometimes our kids do something that we do not like. Happy mommy moments.

  20. These are precious moments!

  21. nice pictures, Chriss 🙂 i like all of them; great bonding with kids!

  22. me too..i spent time playing with my lil boy before he sleeps…I slept with him too and sometimes wake up to blog and join memes…LOL!

    MIne's up too:

  23. I don't know why my link was not published. Here it is

    Take care.

  24. I would also take the time before sleeping to bond with my son. It's one of the perfect moments when the family is together too.

  25. Self Sagacity says

    Your mommy momments are really cute.

  26. I didn’t make it in time before the Mr. Linky closed, but here’s my entry: these wonderful moments coming, dear! :D- Sides

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