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ABS-CBN is really one of the most famous companies here in the Philippines. Because of its various TV programs, the company is well known throughout the country. Most of us know that it is being run by Lopez Group. Have you ever wondered about the Lopez Group behind the ABS-CBN success?

Information technology has allowed us to take a peek the Lopez Group. The Lopez Link is an interactive website about the Lopez Group and all its companies. The LopezLink 2009 Year End Report gives us a fresh perspective about the company’s activities and advocacies throughout the year.

For a mom like me, I am quite interested in their advocacies for Education and those relating to the environment. I registered to the forum and started a new topic asking about the different organizations one can join in as part of an exposure to kids about the environment, climate and social aspects of our country. It is important that as my kids grow up, they will care for the world they live in!

I have seen the Knowledge Channel and I believe that it has genuinely helped many school children to learn more about different topics! I am also glad to know that the Knowledge Channel and Department of Education renew basic education tools development partnership. It would definitely be a big help especially to our public schools!

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