Thursday 13 – December

13 Things I Love About December:
1. My birthday!
2. Gift-giving
3. Reunions and gatherings
4. Cool breeze
5. Christmas decors
6. Christmas break from school and office
7. Lots of giveaways and contests on blogsphere
8. Christmas carols
9. Reflecting on the past year
10. People are nicer
11. My hubby’s birthday
12. My son’s birthday
13. People remember Jesus and what He has done for us!

Join us at Thursday 13!


  1. Willa @ SmartMommy says

    Nice list, Only your daughter have a different bday month then. 🙂

  2. Andrea-Memories As A Mom says

    Great list!! My birthday is in December, too 🙂

    There is an award for you on my blog!

  3. Oh my!!Lahat pala kayo except Kyla is celebrating birthday in December.My husband din is on December!

  4. Birthdays during christmas are double the joy!

  5. Hootin' Anni says

    That's a lot of birthdays to celebrate for sure. And then, the 'big' birthday on Christmas Day. You are blessed!!

    Thanks for stopping by today….return for a visit, anytime. Have a glorious Thursday.

  6. great list chris.. specially the last one.

  7. Valentine Books, Valentines Card says

    This is a nice list of activities this December….My cousin’s birthday is also on December but the most important person celebrating his birthday on December is our savior Jesus Christ.Christmas day is ideally for Jesus’ birthday or celebration.Happy Birthday to all December celebrants!! Wishing you more birthdays to come..God bless!!

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