An Update on Hubby’s Health

Today, we found out that hubby is a diabetic, as he finally went to have a check up. It runs in his family so there was a high probability that he will be one too. Just a few weeks ago, we had started to change our diet to a much healthier one after finding out that his blood sugar count was quite high. Less meat more veggies and fruits. Brown rice and no more sugary or starchy food for hubby.

Now, he has to take insulin shots for a month and go back to the doctor for a follow up to see what type of diabetic he is. We are praying that his body responds to the insulin shots. I am saddened with this recent happening. But I know that God has allowed it for a purpose.

Sometimes, we just take people and life for granted. God issues a warning and reminder to us that this life is NOT eternal. We are reminded to put our life in His hands and to trust His heart. I know that God knows what is best and He will always be there for us.

In a few weeks, it will be Valentine’s Day and then we will be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary. I have yet to think of an anniversary gift or valentine’s gift. Do you have any suggestions for Valentine’s Day Gifts?

Anyway, we definitely need more cash now to finance his meds.


  1. chili pepper says

    The great thing about diabetes is that it is a disease that we can have much control over through diet and exercise. If we are faithful we can indefinitely defer the permanent affects of it. I was diagnosed with diabetes almost 5 years ago and have had excellent results because I educated myself. I currently control my diabetes with no medicine at all. Well wishes to your hubby.

  2. chubskulit says

    Dobleng ingat na kailangan nyo nyan with foods he takes.

  3. With your help, hubby can go through it.

    My dad was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 32 y.o. I was 3 and my sister was 1. All our meals and drinks had less to no sugar at all. We grew up not fond of drink sodas and of sweets. I remember we had an emergency coke in can, in case the sugar levels go down though.

    I wish you strength, understanding and extra patience. Sometimes, they can get highly irritable kasi.

  4. I agree with Chili Pepper, you have control over diabetes. Correct food choices and all that. I can't preach (pasaway ako eh) even if I have diabetes I was diagnosed when I was 20. There's a standard test too, if his pancreas is still producing insulin. Healthy Options (store) and some malls sell a lot of sugarfree items, plus there's sugarnot restaurant if you want to go out.

  5. "The Mommy Journey" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

  6. i'm sorry to hear that, Mommy. but i know that with your love, resilience, and food discipline, your hubby dearest will be just fine.

    our prayers, always. hugs!

  7. God will see you and your hubby through this ordeal. Be strong and always pray. Take care!

  8. The Bumbles says

    Sorry to hear about this Chris. But as those before me here have said – there are manageable treatments available to him. sounds like you have the right attitude. Happy upcoming anniversary too.

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