I Am Buraot Review

I am a new visitor of I am Buraot. I have seen this blog be mentioned quite a number of times already, but I haven’t had the chance to visit until now. It is an easy navigating site. It loads quite fast and is clutter free. The dark shade of the design template used gives me the serious tone of this site. This blog is a must visit if you are into issues on politics, life and society. As the header of his blog is “a day in the life of an anti-social”, it gave me a feel of what writings to expect. The way he wrote his posts are quite thought provoking. Just like when he shared how 4 of his best friends are now dead. It made me think are we just surviving our life and not really living it?

One of his famous creations is the Entredropper. It is an Entrecard generator page which allows you to navigate through numerous pages in few minutes and so you can quickly drop Entrecards on each site. It is very easy to use and helps you browse through different sites in the hope of adding more traffic to your site.

So, will I be back to his site? Definitely, I will be back more regularly from now on.

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