If I Were Pehpot


ON being a parent, wife, homemaker:
how will you raise your kids? raise them God-fearing, strong and healthy!
what would you say to cata? thank you for everything..
what would you say to people who have something not-so-nice to say about your kids? stay away!

on being OC and “aholic”
how would you arrange your cabinet: i would definitely arrange by frequency of usage!
what would messy mean to you: things found all over the floor
would you add another blog to your 8 blogs?? if i have the energy!

ON being sexy:
what color of underwear would you wear on valentines? black
What would you wear on JJ night? nighties!

On your “selfish”day:
what would you do with five million pesos: have a makeover
what is one thing that you wish to have: moolah!!!

This post is dedicated to my marce, Pehpot!!!
Happy birthday to you!!!
Thank you for being so warm and helpful.
I am honored to be your marce!
I wish you the best… God bless you!


  1. Pinay Mommy Online says

    Wow! Happy Birthday Mommy Pehpot!!

    This is sweet of you Mommy Chris! Your so kind and warm-hearted.

    By the way, if its not too much to ask, can I invite you to join my Valentine Linky Love Year 3 tag? I have tagged you on my post. Hope you could visit. Thanks!


  2. naku marce sobrang tuwang tuwa ako sa ginawa nyo..talagang nasiyahan ako haha

    at akala nyo kayo lang ha.. etong resbak ko

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