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It’s Friday once again! Our theme this week is New Favorite! Being moms, we are familiar with our kid’s favorites already… but just as you thought you know your kid already.. she or he learns something new and becomes a new favorite… if we are not sensitive enough, we just might miss how our kids are growing up! and they do grow up too fast!

Here are some of the new favorites of my kids…

My kids love the banana loaf of Starbucks Coffee.

After watching Disney On Ice on New Year’s Day… both kids love Mickey Mouse..
And they love watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

And I am quite glad that since we started to eat healthier this year, both of them love to eat Kangkong!

How about you? What are your kids new favorites?
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  1. a boy's mom says

    hi chris, it's good to be back here… just like kyla and toby, we love mickey mouse too..he's just timeless 🙂

    my entry's up

  2. mukhang sarap na sarap nga sila kyla and toby sa banana loaf, yum.

    hope we could watch disney on ice too.

    My MM is up na rin 🙂

  3. Hi Mommy Chris! I'm happy to have written again for MM.

    Mickey Mouse is indeed an all time favorite. I'm not a fan of Starbucks, but I think their banana loaf is worth trying since your kids seem to like them so much.

    Have a nice Friday!

  4. chubskulit says

    we love watching mickey mouse too. How I wish we have Kangkong here.

  5. chubskulit says

    My entry nga pala.

  6. Hi, Chris! It's good that your kids are are trying new foods and enjoying them. I remember a few days ago when we had sinigang for lunch. My son saw me eating kangkong and he asked for it, too, so I gave him kangkong bits to satisfy his curiosity. He seemed to like it, too. Happy Mommy Moments!

  7. Aori loves kangkong 🙂 but he doesn't like Mickey Mouse 🙁 Kakaiba. Happy MM!

  8. RJ loves Disney on Ice and asked if we can watch it again the next day. If only the ticket is cheaper, we probably watched it again. lol! Well, she doesn't like mickey mouse. I don't know why. mickey mouse is my favorite when I was her age.

  9. mommy chris am back! buti pa kids mi kumakain ng kangkong…yung anak ko super pihikan sa food…

    anyway, mine is up now…pls take time to visit…

    God Bless!

  10. They're having a great time with the banana loaf. I wish the same yummy thingy existed in the Starbucks here.

  11. That's nice they love Kangkong. Franky loves it too 🙂 and super sarap naman talaga banana loaf ng Starbucks, the taste is just right.

  12. Finally we're able to share our kids new favorite. Hi Chris ang gana nilang kumain for sure yummy ang banana loaf…
    have a blessed weekend hugs!!!

  13. Banana loaf at Starbucks is quite good. Look like they are enjoying it. My baby probably will like Mickey Mouse when grows up!

  14. hi Chris, it's been a while now lang uli ako na join. I'll just post here my link. I am encountering some problem with Mr. Link

  15. oh, mukhang masarap nga new discovery/favorite nila.. banana loaf.. 🙂

  16. Good to know they love eating Kangkong.
    When I was at their age I love Mickey Mouse too.
    Happy Mommy Moments!

  17. hi chris! i posted my entry na 🙂

  18. my kids love mickey mouse clubhouse too 😀

    New Fave: Strawberries!

  19. Tama ka Marce…if we're not sensitive enough and paying attention to our kids we'll miss out on so much on their lives. Kaya pakatutukan talaga natin habang maliit pa sila hanggang sa pagtanda nila dahil they grow up so fast. Nice photo also. 😀 hugs!

  20. Ellen Joy Castel says

    Ang sarap naman ng banana loaf! 🙂 btw, yana likes Mickey too, but not as much as she loves SpongeBob 🙂

  21. Bambie dear ★ says

    same here, I also love mickey mouse that's why i want my baby to become her favorite too hehe..

    Happy Weekends Mommy Chris

  22. chris adventures says

    My son love mickey mouse…Mine is up in my other blog which is my son's blog. I will visit other participants later we will go somewhere….

  23. I love mickey mouse when I was just a kid, sayang nga lang wala sa TV 5 nd napapanood ni faith haist mine is up na pala mommy thanks

  24. Great meme, great kiddos! Would love to join.

  25. Hi Mommy.
    Sorry wala akong entry, kase lahat naman paborito nila, walang bago. Siguro kapag naayos ko na dito sa bahay at nakaka pasyal na ulit kami siguro makahanap sila ng bagong paborito, hehehe.

    have a wonderful weekend!

  26. Glad your kids eat veggies! My daughter likes watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, too!

  27. Jake used to watch Mickey Mouse Club House before…and he still loves banan bread :-); good hat your kids loves veggies…buti na lang may kangkong din dito cause that is a good food!

  28. i love MM too. they are a classic favorite 🙂

    thnk you again for linking me up. actually kahapon pa ako nag-bloghop pero i get load error sa page mo. i'm glad i am able to thank and visit you now.

    enjoy the rest of the week , Momi!

  29. marce, i just posted my MM entry. kaso closed na si MckLinky. nwei, you can visit my entry here. pasencya na super duper late!

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