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Newborn Days is one of my favorite parts pf being a mother… I can remember seeing them for the first time…


Holding those tiny hands and tiny feet… (these are toby’s)

Looking at the little face…



Can’t quite believe that this is the tiny baby inside your womb for the past nine months!



Of course, these days also entails sleepless nights, and breastfeeding moments I will forever cherish! I am glad that I got to breastfed them both.
(Kyla for 11 months and Toby for 22 months)



Join us this week as we take a walk down memory lane here at Mommy Moments!


  1. hi chris, join ako next time. wala kasi scanner ko e. hehehe, wla akong digital files nun baby pics nila e, nagcrash computer namin before, sayang nga e.
    anyway, I saw the Art Day's work: un broom, ang ganda! 🙂 pwede ka talagang Art Teacher, Chris! Keep it up! 🙂

  2. It was all worth it for us moms. It was like a perfect dream coming to life.

  3. onlinemommy says

    Giving birth to our kids is a moment that mommies like us truly cherish. I am blessed that my daughter didn't gave me sleepless nights before. Pero binabawi na nya ngayon nyahahaha…
    I also breastfeed my daughter. Sayang nga lang kasi ang aga tubuan ng mga pangil at molars. Hindi ko na kinaya ang sakit ng mga kagat nya.

  4. so cute nilang dalawa:-)

    ang sarap ng feeling pagnakita mo ang baby mo sa unang pagkakataon… lahat ng hirap at sakit sa panganganak, nawala lahat…grabe ako 1 day nag labor sobra saket (first baby), nung makita ko na sha hay naku sobrang happy tanggal ang sakit…guso ko pa ngang magka baby, bka after 3 years na lang CS kase ako eh.

  5. Toby didn't change much on his appearance but Kyla did.
    Btw,Thanks for putting my link.

  6. I have to scan first those old baby pics.. my kids are already grown up!

  7. Brings back a lot of memories.. the joys and pains of being a new mom. 🙂

  8. Got to Believe says

    these are really precious moments. happy new year, chris!

  9. I love those tiny hands and the look of peace on their sleeping faces all swaddled up!

  10. you're gifted having breast milk for months. mine was only for 2 months. i took malunggay capsule and sipping soups everyday but still no milk.

    happy MM, Chris. I'm back.

  11. though u were a bit tired, but i can see the happiness in you when you carried your two babies. mine is up and its here thanks

  12. I love looking at infant's pictures. I always makes me feel that all the pregnancy drama were well worth it.

  13. ♡Grace Draper♡ says

    they are so cute mami chris

  14. all the pain we had during the labor and delivery was all worth it.. Happy weekend Chris..

  15. I can still remember those tiny toes and fingers ng mga anak ko–ang sarap uling magbuntis,Mommy Chris!

  16. ☼¨`*•.♥Rocío♥.•*¨`☼ says

    Oh Chris!
    What a Beautiful Post!!!

  17. Evan's Mom says

    Amazing experience isn't it?
    Happy weekend.


    hello there! its my first time to post my entry. u have cute babies. i cnt post my url in mr. linky. it always says a valid url is needed. =(

  19. good to know you breastfed them for 11 and 22 months. I breastfed Ren for 4 months only since I need to get back to work that time.

    Happy Weekend Mommy Chris!

  20. I'm only seeing it for the first time. The difference pala between your kids is their eyes. Super chinky-eyed si Toby. These are really nice pics, Chris!

  21. Mom of Four says

    Mommy Chris, di pa pala ako naka comment dito. Ang gaganda naman ngn mga new born babies mo, kahit masakit manganak, I will do it over and over, ang hirap lang mag alaga.

    You have such wonderful kids and I know that you are so proud of them. Take care and Enjoy!

  22. awww great photos! almost magkamukha sila mas chinky eyes lang si toby 🙂

  23. babies are so tiny and fragile pag labas nila ano chris? but i agree with enchie, giving birth is all worth it. at ang sarap ng feeling the moment na nakalabas na sila esp pag normal delivery. ewan, di ko ma-explain.

    toby and kyla are normal delivery lahat di ba? and look at them now, ang lalaki na!

  24. Bambie dear ★ says

    they're so calm.. they're like angels =) thanks for this task coz it brought back good and happy memories.. nakaka miss talaga nung baby pa sila.. Happy weekends momsie

  25. uy marce dun sa unang pic mo with Kyla parang unsure ka pa.. parang afraid pa hehe pero dun kay Toby overflowing with confidence na *wink

    can't wait to see you!

  26. Hi Chris, I joined here for the first time. Nice meeting you and many mothers here. Have a nice day all!

  27. breastfeeding is what I missed..hope I could be successful next time..sarap talaga ng feeling maging mommy ano-so fulfilling..I could say I'm not complete if I haven't experienced this special event of a woman's life…My entry is here:

  28. Kahit anong hirap, pag nakita na natin si baby, hindi na mailarawan ang kaligayahan.

  29. Hi, kakatuwa naman ang photo ng baby mo, mejo naiyak ako kase naalala ko, all of our photos were burned by my ex MIL. So no more memories of happy baby times, marami din yon.

    But I am happy to remember those days after giving birth, tapos lukang luka ka what to do, asking yourself what you need to do first. Haist. Now my kids are all grown, I am still praying for God to give me one more daughter -or child.

    I am blessed because you are blessed and you share this blessing by letting me read them. Thank you!

  30. Beautiful newborn babies! And they grown up into beautiful and sweet kids.

  31. such lovely babies. Happy Mommy Moments. I am also hosting my first online contest in february. I am looking for sponsors, hope you could be one.

    thanks in advance.

  32. It's really great to reminisce the greatest part in our lives during the arrival of that fragile special kids.I'm so glad I breastfed them too & I don't regret it.Sorry for my late entry Mommy Chris.Happy Sunday!

  33. Momi Chris, kamukhang kamukha mo si Toby- kakatuwa.

    This is the best MM to date for me.

    Here's my MM entry, check it out too.

  34. Ellen Joy Castel says

    Hi! babies….cute cute! Very nice pics… sana nakuhanan ko din pala yung hands ni yana before… anyway, I'll do that with the twins. 🙂 Happy Weekends!

  35. i love those shots of tiny hands…haay ang bilis nga naman ng panahon.

    and it's really great to have a meme like this where we can all reminisce those sweet, lovely days. thank you again for linking me up, Momi!

  36. Hi chris! habol ako 😀 don't want to miss this theme. thanks!

    My Newborn Days


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