Seiko’s Diary Review

One site that I always love to visit is Seiko’s Diary. It has a very personal touch and records her journey as a mom to 5 beautiful daughters. Once you arrive at her site, you would hear songs playing on the background. She has personally picked these songs to share with her readers. You will also notice that she has lots of friends around the blogsphere with the many tags and awards she received as a proof and the different weekly memes she has joined in.

I always look forward to her Mommy Moments posts as I learn a lot from her experience with her 5 daughters. I remember her entry on Name Game. It was very interesting since her kids are half-Japanese and what the name of her kids actually meant. Another interesting meme she joins in is Couple’s Corner and her posts are exciting to read since she has been with the her hubby for 22 years now. So much to learn from them! The most memorable post I read from her blog is about her life story and love story when she first met her hubby. Marrying A Samurai… is not that easy was the title and it was defnitely worth reading!

For moms like me, Seiko’s Diary is a must visit!

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