Wedding Gown Preservation?

When I got married almost 9 years ago, I wish I knew about Floral Preservation and Wedding Gown Preservation services of Precious Memories. I wanted to preserve my wedding gown and wedding shoes and pass it on to my daughter someday… but I wasn’t very wise then… so my wedding gown is just kept inside a box and became yellowish already. 🙁

So for those of you who are just getting married or who just got married, don’t forget to check out Precious Memories multiply site and have your wedding gown, bouquet and other important mementos preserved!

Note: This is not a paid post. Photos taken from Precious Memories’ gallery.


  1. this is indeed a great way of preserving our gowns and other wedding memorabilias …

    visiting you marce after few days of being silent:)

  2. Nice but i do not have gowns hhehe. Anyway, got you a tag Chris…TC

  3. Hey Sis,

    Sayang naman that your wedding gowns turned yellow. That also happened with hubby's barong, I was able to save them byu bring it to thr dry cleaner – try mo baka may pag asa pa.

  4. hi tukayo ! thank you for this post ! i will tweet about ur blog and post ur link k ? i can still preserve ur other memorabillas… who knows? baka pwede pa ur gown… nag yellow na ba ?

  5. Hello.. added you in my site.. pls add me pls..

  6. i think meron na din niyan dito sa atin. un ke tintin bersola yata un? pero flowers pa lang yata un gawa nila.

    my wedding gown turned yellowish too, pero when I washed it, nawala naman. 🙂 just use whitening detergent lang, Chris.

    how are you na? missed being here! birthday ni gabby kaya I tried to post na naman, drop by ka ha? 🙂

  7. sorry to hear about that Marce, sayang naman :(.

    Sa akin naman kids now a days are very choosy so I'd rather not preserve my wedding gown to pass it on to my children. I would love seeing them w/ the new bridal dress that chose by themselves.

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