Wordless Wednesday #1

My first time to join Wordless Wednesday…!


  1. Mhar's Display says

    lots of fish in there 🙂
    Happy WW!


  2. look like yellow chilis to me but when I clicked and enlarged the picture, many fish in there.

  3. I've seen this. The Koi pond at the Nuvali? We had lots of fun, there. I think we spent two hours just feeding the fish and watching them go into a frenzy. It was funny.

  4. whoa!!! that's lotsa fish!!!!

  5. MinnieRunner says

    Wow, school of fish with lovely colors.

  6. MISSY JANE says

    Welcome to WW!. I haven't seen any koi pond yet but the way you captured them it's just gives me reason to love fish. I meant pet fish 🙂

  7. gosh thats a lot of Koi fishes! wonder f they can still swim 😉

    u may view mine here

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