A Woman Remembers Review

A Woman Remembers is one of the first blogs I have seen when I started blogging. This is a blog about a woman’s life. The topics vary from her kids to events to everything else. A particular post about a song entitled “Total Eclipse of the Heart” caught my attention. She posted about the song in a flowchart. Now, isn’t that something? Being an Industrial Engineer, she works with flowcharts and a song in flowchart was something cool! Another cool post was about being featured in Nido Fortified MTV. That would be a really memorable experience , wouldn’t it?

When you visit this site, you are sure to find rich content! I love the different posts she has made in lifestyle and living section. They are informative and educational. Definitely worth your time reading!

The site’s template uses a bright color which is yellow and it creates a certain cheerfulness. The layout utilizes 3 columns, which is really filled with many widgets. Different ads, traffic feeds, awards, blog links and message board make up the space on the sidebars.

This is a site which you would want to visit regularly. I am now making sure I add her to my blog list so I can be back more often!


  1. Yes, its truly worth visiting. This is also the first ever blog that I have visited. Mommy Cza is my “kumare”. I am the godmother of her daughter. Because of her blog, I was inspired to have mine too. She’s my friend way back college.http://mommynigarren.blogspot.com

  2. hi mommy chris, wow I appreciate the review. it feels good what people thinks of my blog rin.

    @mare me-an, keep visiting mommy blogs, you'll be inspired to blog even more 🙂

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