Birthday Dinner

Kids with my brother and his GF

Kids with my sister

Dinner with my family to celebrate Kyla’s 6th birthday!
In a few days, my daughter will be 6!


  1. gene + experiments says

    Happy birthday to your little girl. I miss dinners with my siblings and father, hopefully will have time next month for me and my husband’s birthday.

  2. Advance happy birthday, Kyla! Chris, our kids are growing up so fast. Before we know it, they wouldn’t want us to kiss them in front of their friends/classmates. Sigh!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Princess!!! 12years to go and she will be a debutant are you ready for that? 🙂

  4. *MrsMartinez* says

    Advance happy birthday! xoxo

  5. Advance Happy Birthday to Kyla Mare!Nice family gathering and nice photos you have here! 😀

  6. advance happy birthday to kyla! wow, ang bilis naman ng panahon chris.. kyla is growing up so fast. God bless her always!

  7. Happy 6th Birthday, dearest Kayla! May you continue to make your Mom and Dad very proud of you.Hug you tight, sweet lady!

  8. Happy Birthday to your baby girl Kyla. May she continue to be a good girl and a good sister 🙂RJ’s day to day activitiesJournal of RJ’s mom

  9. Happy Birthday Kyla!

  10. Fresh Mommy says

    Aww, beautiful family and Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!!! 🙂

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