Brisbane Australia The Review

I love travelling and I definitely miss it! Since I had kids, I haven’t been out of the country. That is why I love blogs related to travelling. I have never been to Brisbane Australia yet, so what better way to know more about the place than to visit Brisbane Australia.

This is a fully functional site. If you need to look for a hotel in Brisbane, there is a link where you can enter your check in and check out dates for room availability. There are several useful links about must see places in Brisbane and shopping areas. What interests me the most is the Suburbs post. Brisbane does seem like a nice place to visit with all its nature.

The site has a white background which makes the text and pictures more visible and appealing to readers. I also like it that there is a search widget on the upper right corner. Though there are several improvements which can be made to make the site more attractive. There should be more pictures about the place and more links at the main page. Maybe a couple more write ups and historical information about Brisbane would be good too.

I look forward to seeing more updates from this blog!

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