Busy Day Today

I attended the homeschooling intro class today given by The Master’s Academy. Kyla took the diagnostic test to see if she is ready for grade 1. I certainly hope that the results will be positive. I learned today that the tuition fee for homeschooling with The Master’s Academy is quite expensive too.

Sigh… so I was gone for the whole day and when I got home, I just cant imagine the load of clothes I have to wash, the messy house waiting, the CR that is waiting to be cleaned.. If you want to know, these actually are part of my top 10 fat burners. Now, everything is part of my things to do for tomorrow..

There goes my day today and my day tomorrow!


  1. onlinemommy says

    We are on the same boat mommy! Ako naman after work, I need to attend to the household chores.

    Mommy, inquire ka din po sa school for tomorrow. They also offer Homeschooling 😉 baka mas mura.

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