Homeschooling Journey Will Soon Begin

As I mentioned in my previous post, I attended the homeschool intro class of The Master’s Academy yesterday. They mentioned that the kids will be given SAT tests as they move from high school level. Now I am not familiar with SAT so I researched and found out that SAT is actually SAT Reasoning Test or formerly known as Scholastic Assessment test. This is usually given for college admissions. I did research about LSAT too and found out that it means Law School Admission Test. Just like for SAT, there areLSAT prep classes too.

It is really challenging to homeschool and as we embark this journey, I pray that may the Holy Spirit guide me everyday and provide the best for my kids. When they grow up, more than passing the SAT exams, they will be equipped with faith in God, good character and a heart that loves Jesus.


  1. gene + experiments says

    Hi, may I know how much is their package? We’re starting early on researching on were to enroll our little girl.

  2. Hi Chris, thanks for the Marce Club definition. I counted 11 of you including Pehpot. Bakit kaya hindi nalang naging isang dosena?:) Ah well, ten godmoms, ten is a round number. Clever and cute.SAT na kaagad intro pa lang? Sa bagay time flies so swiftly before we know it we are scanning universities for our kids already.

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